Today’s blog article is driven by a visit to one of our customer sites yesterday to conduct a calibration on the equipment in the MOT bay.

Having arrived on site to do the work, our engineer was told that the calibration had already been conducted that morning by a local calibration agent. This for us is not a problem – customers have the right to select who they want to conduct works on their premises – however we always do insist (in-line with the DVSA regulations) that the calibration should be conducted as per the manual issued to the Garage Equipment Association.

It was quickly apparent in this instance that had not been the case.

The reason for being able to so quickly identify the problem is that the use of dynamic response code systems to unlock calibration menus have been present in some products since 2005. Simply by checking with the office it was possible to immediately identify that this brake tester had not been unlocked to allow a calibration to be conducted.

Our engineer then contacted the independent agent direct to ascertain how he had conducted his calibration.

The independents explanation was that he had put a weight had been put onto the torque arm and the display was used to judge if the unit was measuring weight correctly.

This does not constitute a calibration!

The very nature of a display is that the value shown on it must, to a certain extent, be interpreted as each LED signifies 5Kgf making it impossible to see the exact value being represented on the display.

Only by hooking the brake tester up to a laptop and then entering the calibration menu is is possible to firstly assess the accuracy of the measurement to allow adjustments to be made to the brake tester such that it is truly “calibrated”.

The sad thing in this situation concerns the regulations. By unknowingly believing that the unit had been calibrated, and having paid for such a service, the Authorised Examiner has left themselves wide open to non-conformance to the scheme (it remains the AE’s responsibility to ensure that all the equipment is calibrated correctly) – the independent agent has essentially “got away with it” or in this case “nearly got away with it” – as we took the original calibration record with us as evidence!

Weigh Up the Value of £4,200 in Cost Savings

Looking to either upgrade your existing MOT bay or starting an MOT project from first principles? GETECH can help you weigh up the pro’s and con’s of the many bay offerings provided by manufacturers and suppliers across the UK.

The first thing to get to grips with is the type of MOT bay you are going to install… Sure – you want the all singing and dancing ATL (Automated Test Lane) – you’ve been told this is the future of MOT testing by a number of agents and you’ve been convinced.

But why pay for an all singing all dancing MOT bay when what you want is a good price and one man to operate your MOT bay… Why not opt for One Person Testing instead?

One person testing was previously only available to existing MOT stations and it allowed them to go to One Person Testing without all the expense of upgrading the entire MOT bay. Happily new applicants now also have this opportunity hence the future of MOT testing is actually One Person Testing rather than Automated Testing.

The only difference between OPT & ATL is the roller brake tester which for Automated Testing has an integrated weighing set to allow “as presented” vehicle weights to be used in the brake efficiency calculation – but in opting to One Person Testing you can eliminate the costs of a complete weighing set, download PC and a whole host of other items within the bay meaning that you could save £3,500 nett on the initial purchase.

So do yourself a favour and OPT for One Person Testing rather Automated Testing with a GETECH MOT Bay – You will already have saved £4200 just by placing your business with us!

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British Built Reliability

PD COMBI PICThe premier elite combi unit is well respected within the market. It is a British built combined petrol & diesel emission analyser with integrated oil temperature and unique RPM measurement technology which communicates to a solid state PC, with no moving parts, for improved reliability. In addition, this type of PC allows normal windows functions/programmes to be run. Every MOT test is stored to memory for instant retrieval and automatic print out of customer reminder letters.

Product Specifications:

  • Wi-Fi enabled PC with flexibility to run own programmes,
  • CD Rom,
  • 19 inch colour monitor,
  • Keyboard mouse and printer.
  • Fast nationwide on-site support by dedicated UKAS accredited engineers
  • 2 Years Calibration Included
  • 2 Year Warranty as Standard

A 5 year fully inclusive Service & Calibration Package is also available.

GETECH GE2 Motorcycle Brake Tester. An obvious choice…

If you are looking for the latest technology in your MOT bay then investment in a GETECH GE2 roller brake tester seems to be an obvious choice.

Display for a modern electronic motorcycle brake tester

The GETECH GE2 is a electronic roller brake tester approved for testing Class 1 & 2 motorcycles as part of an MOT bay. It has a clear LED display which shows data acquired during a test cycle including front & rear presented weights, lock-outs, brake forces and imbalances.

Although most motorcycles are of the 1×1 combination, there are those fitted with sidecars, which the GE2 can also easily deal with using the infra-red remote control… and; if you have placed your brake tester at the minimum wall clearance; then the GETECH GE2 is a bi-directional product and so therefore capable of testing all motorcycle and sidecar combinations.

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2Although the DVSA requirement for the display scale means that some heavier motorcycles show a “zero” overall weight (most notable the Honda Goldwing when the front and rear weight measurements are added together), the GE2 roller brake tester can be supplied with a printer which enable all the data to be clearly shown to the MOT tester (or the vehicle’s owner of course).

motorcycle brake testerThe benefits do not end there either. Inclusion of a free floor mounting frame means that installation preparation couldn’t be simpler! Simply Stihl Saw the correct dimensions on the floor and break out! No concrete is required for the actual recess itself which means the complexity of the job giving you the opportunity to do the works yourself to minimise any costs!

The GETECH GE2 has a dedicated product page on the GETECH website which can be viewed HERE – however other than in situations of product replacement this brake tester is usually supplied as part of an Class I/II motorcycle mot bay package which GETECH Garage Equipment also supply.

If you are interested in replacing your existing brake tester – or looking at installing a complete mot bay package to your premises – you could do a lot worse than speak to GETECH. As manufacturers we are able to deal with you directly both in the initial project stages and in-service – you are therefore always fully supported from point of sale.

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Smart Cards Are Back!

Smart Cards Are Back!

indexIt’s back to the past in the MOT scheme when MOT Smart Cards make a re-appearance starting in October.

The cards this time are planned to be of the new type often used for accessing your bank account – in other words with a dynamic code system rather than a simple card and card reader (as they were originally).

One hopes that in a garage environment these cards will be robust enough although we feel certain that issues are likely to be hiding just around the corner!


MOT Application Process Formally Changes

dvsa_logoA new procedure has been applied for the application for mot authorisation.

Officially applicants now need to be qualified before pre-application approval (AIP) can be granted.

This new change becomes a bit of a quandary for new applicants simply because now a greater level financial commitment is required at an earlier stage – in essence it has become a chicken and egg situation.

Simply put the best way forward is to speak to GETECH – we can overcome these hurdles, point you in the direction of the least expensive courses and ensure that from an application perspective that the formal application, when it is eventually made, will gain an approval in a matter of a few days in most circumstances.

Contact us on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours or by using the form on our website.

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Truck & Trailer Testing

Truck & Trailer Testing

Last week an article was published by the GEA (Garage Equipment Association)

Planned or Unplanned - Bowmonk

which gave clarification on the use of hand held braking meters for trailer testing for agricultural or goods vehicle trailers.

The article sought to overcome comments that have been made in the public domain in relation to the method of testing of trailer brakes and also the approval status of equipment to perform such tests.

The statement from the GEA reads as follows;

The GEA operates the MOT equipment approval service on behalf of the DVSA.

Recently we’ve received enquiries from workshops & installers, asking which brake test decelerometers are DVSA approved for HGV trailer testing.

Whilst there are numerous approved decelerometers that may be used to complete a brake test during an MOT, we would like to point out that none are approved specifically for HGV trailer testing.

So what does this mean? Can I only use brake rollers to test trailer brakes?

We have received numerous enquiries asking whether our portable brake testers are approved by the DVSA for trailer testing.

Our answer to this has always been that although no decelerometers are approved for trailer testing, despite some within our industry implying the opposite, there are methods available which can allow a portable decelerometer to be used as a diagnostic tool and to be used to assist in determining the brake efficiency of commercial trailers.

How do we use a Brake Meter to diagnose potential braking faults in trailers?

  1. Run a complete test using the drag / truck / tractor unit. This develops a baseline level for braking efficiency of the vehicle.
  2. Attach trailer to the drag and repeat the entire test run.
  3. Compare the data between Run 1 & Run 2: We are looking for an indication that the trailer is doing its fair share of the braking effort to decide if the braking system is operating as it should or if further diagnosis is required on a roller brake tester. i.e If braking efficiency for drag is 85% but the overall performance deteriorates to 40% for the tractor and trailer – then this is a good indication that the trailer is not doing its fair share of the effort and further analysis on a set of brake rollers is required.

What unit should I buy?

The portable brake meter for motorcycle, car, light commercial, HGV and Bus & Coach testing

There are a few decelerometer brake meters available in the UK but by far the most popular units are the Bowmonk BrakeCheck or Bowmonk TruckStop. Both of these units are approved for use within both the MOT scheme and for Designated Premises – each variant specifically designed to test either vehicles with a parking and single service brake and for those with a secondary braking system.

Almost inevitably when seeking a unit such as this for diagnosis purposes, a hard copy print out becomes desirable evidence to produce and maintain.

Therefore GETECH have a number of different kits available to suit the specific type of testing you wish to conduct – and all of these kits come in a portable hard carry case with an infra red printer to enable immediate evidence of the brake test result to be attached to the service record of the vehicle.

These packages are available on the GETECH website, but our friendly well informed sales team will be able to assist you during normal office hours on 0844 800 9785.

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