Motorcycle MOT Bays – Equipment & Packages

GETECH Specialise in the supply, installation and calibration and post-sale service of motorcycle MOT testing bays.

Our packages include all the equipment required by the DVSA for an MOT testing station to be approved as well as a full suite of initial project management services including not only VT01 form completion and guidance toward evidence gathering in support of your application, but also assistance with local authority planning requirements, a CAD service which will allow us to integrate the MOT testing equipment seamlessly into your premises.

Our equipment is well known within the market – not only are we a manufacturer dealing direct with end user garages, but we also offer the best warranty on Class I & II motorcycle equipment.

All GETECH equipment is supplied with a 5 year extended parts warranty giving you complete peace of mind prior to payment!

The equipment contained within the bay has been designed and manufactured specifically to ensure that the MOT testers workload is as manageable as possible – our test routines are automatic with memory functions within the equipment which allow you to concentrate on the specifics of the test rather than the operation of the equipment.

The equipment package contains;

GETECH GE5418L – Double Laser Headlight Aligner

  • We supply a double laser headlight aligner as part of our packages. Firstly, the additional cost of such a tester is not significant since we use the same headlight tester in all of our testing bays.
  • A double laser aligner is the most accurate way of making the measurement as one laser ensures you have the test head orientated correctly to the headlamp – the second laser allows you to accurately pick up the centre of the headlamp bulb.

GETECH GE2 – Class I / II Roller Brake Tester

  • The GETECH GE2 is a reliable brake tester which is capable of testing all motorcycles including those with sidecars.
  • The unit is bi-directional which means you can still test all configurations of motorcycle with sidecars even if the brake tester is positioned at the minimum distance to any adjacent walls (600mm)
  • The display is a modern LED style unit which is clear, concise and remains visible even when the display has to be mounted some distance away from the brake tester chassis. The brake tester even calculates braking efficiency with no additional operator input.
  • We include the option for a printer on the GE2 since the DVSA’s own regulations cause some issues with the calculation of overall weight of the motorcycle and rider.
  • A floor frame is supplied AS STANDARD with our roller brake testers – this minimises the amount of groundwork that contractors need to achieve to accept the brake rollers whist at the same time introducing metal to metal contact with the integrated weighing system. This frame effectively prevents in-field weighing issues seen by other manufacturers units.
  • The GE2 is supplied with an infra-red remote control which eliminates trailing leads from the test bay area.

Ancillary Pack

The MOT ancillary pack for motorcycles includes all the additional items of equipment required for the approval to be granted. The ancillary pack for a motorcycle mot testing bay consists of’

  • Motorcycle Bowmonk Brake Meter used in the event of a road test requirement.
  • MOT Tools & Shadow Board
  • Complete Sign Pack
  • Wheel Alignment Bars or Cords