Inspection Pit Based MOT Bays – Class 4 or Class 7

In some situations, for example where headroom is limited, using an inspection pit to achieve an MOT testing bay might be a desirable, or indeed the only option.

Whilst some people think of inspection pits in the traditional sense – dirty, cramped or cold, the more astute realise that opting for a pit based bay actually offers many advantages over lift based situations.

A GETECH inspection pit package contains all the equipment you need to get approval from the DVSA including the headlight aligner, turning plates, play detection equipment (if you are going OPTL or ATL), a jacking beam, roller brake tester, combined emissions tester and an ancillary pack which contains the back-up brake meter, signage and mot tools.

But when you are making a purchase of such equipment it is not just the equipment you should consider.

GETECH also assist by project managing the MOT testing bay into your premises – a service which is not just form filling but a truly comprehensive assistance package which includes; CAD drawings of the installation and pre-installation works but also assistance with “local authority consent” which might involve a planning application.

We include these services for free with our award winning equipment to get you in the ground, testing and earning as quickly as possible, and to give you great confidence in the quality of our equipment then we offer a 5 year extended part warranty on all GETECH equipment and include a full years calibrations and service contract on the entire bay purchase as well as the DVSA paperwork required for approval of your premises.

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