Permanent Southern Sales Office Project

As 2017 progresses, our continued expansion has allowed us to look at opening a base in the South of England to compliment Head Office.

Although not open yet, work continues to progress on this project and it hoped that by September this base – near St.Neots, Huntingdon – will be open to allow a more rapid sales response to this area of the Country.

“Part of our philosophy is to ensure that the correct resources are available to our customers at all times. This has led us to look at the introduction of a Southern sales base as historically we have been very successful here. As a company we [GETECH] hope that by opening a sales base there we can continue to improve our market share”

Ashley Hance, Director of GETECH

Our northern operations will remain unaffected by the addition of this new sales centre and further details of this expansion project will be published in due course on our blog.


MOT Application Process Formally Changes

dvsa_logoA new procedure has been applied for the application for mot authorisation.

Officially applicants now need to be qualified before pre-application approval (AIP) can be granted.

This new change becomes a bit of a quandary for new applicants simply because now a greater level financial commitment is required at an earlier stage – in essence it has become a chicken and egg situation.

Simply put the best way forward is to speak to GETECH – we can overcome these hurdles, point you in the direction of the least expensive courses and ensure that from an application perspective that the formal application, when it is eventually made, will gain an approval in a matter of a few days in most circumstances.

Contact us on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours or by using the form on our website.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

3 Questions to ask

Having been on sales visits and then been presented with a quote from a competitor; which implies that for the same money you can have the same quality equipment and at the same time get something FREE –  I was wondering what was driving this new approach to winning business…

We find this approach to winning business odd. It implies that the original quote doesn’t quite stand up on its own and requires bolstering in some way to make it look more attractive or, put another way, it shows a lack of conviction in the product and services offered.

After all, we all know the old adage “you get nowt for nowt in this life” … because it is true!

senior momentUnfortunately we are all sometimes blessed with those ‘senior moments’ when logic seems to fly out of the window and we can be won over by distraction.

That is a slightly unfortunate situation for GETECH to be in as we have nothing to really offer for FREE simply because the sourcing of good quality, reliable manufacturing comes at a price – a price that then does not facilitate the equipment being given away for free as part of a deal!

At GETECH we take a slightly more pragmatic approach to winning business and supporting our customers. Therefore we include items related to the actual purchase you are looking to make and we always quote for;

  • A complete bay of equipment with its introduction managed by a dedicated employee which allows your bay project realised in the shortest lead time possible.
  • We include free local authority planning assistance,
  • CAD plans – both of the installation but also the preparatory civil & electrical work,
  • Delivery,
  • Installation,
  • Certification
  • A 12 month calibration contract and
  • A 12 month service contract.
  • A 5 year extended parts warranty

So when presented with a quote offering FREE unrelated equipment ask yourself these 3 questions before you put pen to paper…

  1. If the physical equipment I want to buy is so good why am I being offered an unrelated product to get the deal?
  2. Am I making the investment in the equipment for the correct reason i.e it’s the main quote item the actual item I want to buy or am I seeking the FREE equipment on offer?
  3. How is the supplier able to offer the additional equipment for nothing?
    • Is the MOT bay cost over-inflated?
    • Is the quality of the free equipment poor?
    • Are the post-sale servicing and calibration costs where the lost profit of the free equipment is dragged back?

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

Premier Analysis

PD COMBI PIC.jpgThe Premier Elite Combi is a well respected emissions console used by many MOT garages across the Country.

It has recently had an aesthetic face-lift and been developed further to capture known future changes in vehicle technologies making it truly “future-proof”.

One of the biggest problems associated with new vehicle analysis has been related to how the ECU controls the engine when the vehicle is not physically moving.

In simple terms an emissions analyser normally checks the vehicles emissions at around the 3000 to 3500 RPM mark so when the ECU prevents this speed being achieved, most emissions consoles are unable to make the measurement due to a “low flow” or “no flow” measurement.

Elite Combi overcomes this problem by measuring exhaust temperature fluctuations in order to calculate the engine speed. This simple change means that modern vehicles entering a garage for their first MOT’s can be tested without fear of a non-measurement.

The new gas side of the bench has been coupled to the new DS2 smoke head  which incorporates an automatic calibration on every test and this eliminates filters altogether! We previously blogged about the DS2 here.

With a large 19″ colour monitor and a wi-fi enabled solid state PC you can even use the machine to run other programs within the MOT bay environment.

Elite Combi comes with a 2 year warranty and 2 year calibration contract but the unit falls in line with GETECH’s own equipment warranty as a 5 year warranty and service contract option is also available.

For more information on the Elite Combi contact our sales team during normal office hours on 0844 800 9785.

For more information on GETECH call 0844 800 9785 during office hours, visit or mail



All change! DVSA VT01 Applications, Approvals & New IT System

Over the past few weeks plenty has been said within the MOT testing community with respect to the new web based reporting system. Frankly speaking, a majority of comments have been less than complimentary however we (GETECH) can already see plenty of improvement within the process.

Specifically referring to the VTS device system rollout – This was always going to be basic system when it first went live to ensure that the national rollout would be as smooth as possible – I anticipate that as those teething problems will soon be totally eradicated and the system will settle down allowing it to be fully fleshed out – The new system will be far better than the previous.

I said we can see improvement in the process, which we believe will filter across, in terms of the application for authorisation. Sure, the application evidence requirement hasn’t in any way reduced but the process feels far smoother than previous – especially if one has confidence in knowing the published regulation requirements. Without the need for pre-approval visits the timeline to achieve the bay potentially reduces which is perfect for a professional supplier of this equipment.

The back end of the process promises to be smoother as well. With no VTS computer to order, there is no reason why an installation cannot now be fully approved within the same single site visit from a DVSA inspector post installation!

So whilst it’s all change – it seems that these changes will be for the better! That is certainly progress which can be celebrated!


History of the M1…

I’m fairly positive that on reading this blog title you might immediately be thinking that I’m referring to a motorway rather than a classification of motor vehicle…Sadly it seems that many “in the trade” would immediately jump to this; rather than the correct conclusion since I have been asked, yet again by a newly qualified tester exactly what an M1 vehicle is…

A familiar a site for UK drivers - M1 roadworksSo what is an M1 and more importantly is it critical to know?

Category M: Motor vehicles with at least four wheels designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers.

  • Category M1: Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat.

  • Category M2: Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers, comprising more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat, and having a maximum mass not exceeding 5 tonnes.

  • Category M3: Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers, comprising more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat, and having a maximum mass exceeding 5 tonnes.

So an M classification simply means that the vehicle is produced specifically for the carriage of passenger rather than goods. So this makes your normal hatchback an M1 right? WRONG (or at least not necessarily)

In actual fact the classification comes from a European directive specifically aimed at vehicles first used on or after 1st September 2010 – vehicle’s built prior to this are still classified as “Class 4” and this cut off point has a bearing on how the performance of the brakes is assessed as PASS or FAIL.

Image3Class 4 vehicles require a 50% service brake efficiency to pass – M1 vehicles require at least 58% service brake efficiency…

I am an MOT tester and my computer automatically calculates the figures so is this information actually necessary?

In a word YES (despite what the DVSA say, and the lack of non-M1 & M1 training suggests) although the confusion probably only exists for vehicle testing stations using an ATL which operates using the old software version as the test is now completely different to that the product was originally approved against!

Without doubt the potential for a customer to be sat in a viewing area witnessing their MoT test seeing a “PASS” on the brake tester (say 51% on what is actually classified an M1) before being issued a “FAIL” certificate (for not achieving the required 58% efficiency) does exist.

So it is a good idea to understand the differences between a Class 4 (or non-M1 as it should be known) and an M1 vehicle so that you are able to answer the question if it arises.

For us, operating the old system makes no sense therefore we (GETECH) immediately updated our software to bring it line with this change – despite it not being a mandatory change enforced by the DVSA and also despite many other manufacturers not developing and implementing the required software changes.

The message therefore should remain fairly clear – When you buy a GETECH product, not only do you get a 5 year extended parts warranty but you buy into a system of testing completely in line with the published guidelines for testing by the DVSA.

So to come full circle…

Like the displeasure we feel the next time we run into roadworks or delays on the M1 motorway to get to or from our places of work – the investment in a superior, and up-to-date motorway (or MOT braking testing equipment for that mattter) does makes sense. This after all is progress.

To speak to GETECH about our Fully Automated Brake Testers visit our website: