GETECH GE2 Motorcycle Brake Tester. An obvious choice…

If you are looking for the latest technology in your MOT bay then investment in a GETECH GE2 roller brake tester seems to be an obvious choice.

Display for a modern electronic motorcycle brake tester

The GETECH GE2 is a electronic roller brake tester approved for testing Class 1 & 2 motorcycles as part of an MOT bay. It has a clear LED display which shows data acquired during a test cycle including front & rear presented weights, lock-outs, brake forces and imbalances.

Although most motorcycles are of the 1×1 combination, there are those fitted with sidecars, which the GE2 can also easily deal with using the infra-red remote control… and; if you have placed your brake tester at the minimum wall clearance; then the GETECH GE2 is a bi-directional product and so therefore capable of testing all motorcycle and sidecar combinations.

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2Although the DVSA requirement for the display scale means that some heavier motorcycles show a “zero” overall weight (most notable the Honda Goldwing when the front and rear weight measurements are added together), the GE2 roller brake tester can be supplied with a printer which enable all the data to be clearly shown to the MOT tester (or the vehicle’s owner of course).

motorcycle brake testerThe benefits do not end there either. Inclusion of a free floor mounting frame means that installation preparation couldn’t be simpler! Simply Stihl Saw the correct dimensions on the floor and break out! No concrete is required for the actual recess itself which means the complexity of the job giving you the opportunity to do the works yourself to minimise any costs!

The GETECH GE2 has a dedicated product page on the GETECH website which can be viewed HERE – however other than in situations of product replacement this brake tester is usually supplied as part of an Class I/II motorcycle mot bay package which GETECH Garage Equipment also supply.

If you are interested in replacing your existing brake tester – or looking at installing a complete mot bay package to your premises – you could do a lot worse than speak to GETECH. As manufacturers we are able to deal with you directly both in the initial project stages and in-service – you are therefore always fully supported from point of sale.

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Motorcycle MOT Layout Planning

MOT Expert Ashley Hance
Ashley Hance

In this guest posting, Project Manager and Company Director Ashley Hance talks about the planning of a motorcycle mot bay, the installation arrangements available and offers free links to drawings to assist you in your quest for the best use of your floorspace!

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Integrating any kind of MOT bay into either an existing garage or into a new start business situation takes a significant amount of planning to ensure that the best use of the available floorspace is achieved.

There are actually an infinite number of ways that an MOT bay can be installed to meet the dimensional requirements as stated in the DVSA regulations, however normally there are 2 basic types of arrangement…

In-Line Symmetrical

A majority of motorcycles which will present to your new station are likely to be 1×1 arrangements (i.e. without a sidecar) so therefore it makes sense to plan for this situation as the standard whilst being aware in the background of the ramifications of this should a sidecar arrangement present.

In this type of configuration the basic plan is to run the motorcycle up a single axis and for all the checks to be completed with the motorcycle only traveling up or down the test lane.

Dependent on the floorspace available the headlight tester rails may also be recessed to reduce the overall test bay size.

The absolute minimum which can be achieved for this configuration is 3.2m wide x 4.6m long although normally the headlight tester rails are surface mounted which increases the bay length to approx. 5.8m.

Side by Side Arrangement

The side-by-side arrangement is preferred by some other suppliers on the basis that additional MOT’s can be conducted within the single MOT bay purchase. This is achieved by providing 2 standing areas (headlight test & brake test) which almost touch in the middle. This drives a bay width of 3.4metres with surface mounted rails as the headlight aligner carriage has to travel beyond the edge of the standing area to allow the measurement to be taken.

There is one major disadvantage to this installation arrangement which is the fact that this configuration takes no account of the additional requirement of the inspection area of 3.2m wide x 3.7m long.

Generally the general inspection area at 3.2m would sit over the top of both the brake tester and headlight tester standing area but in the side by side configuration placing the inspection area in this location means that both the left and right hand side of the side by side bay are active when the inspection is taking place. In other words an inspection area of 3.7m x 3.2m would need to be provided in addition to (and outside of) the 1.2m x 4.6m brake area & 2m x 2.1m headlight areas – so in reality, unless the premises are large, then installing the bay in this configuration loses more floorspace to potential service/repair productivity.

There is also the issue of navigating the motorcycles between left and right hand sides of the bay which costs time and is inconvenient if the test frequency is high…


Every MOT bay is bespoke and the installation arrangement you select will depend on a number of factors including the type of business you are operating and the floor area which is available for the MOT bay. To that end 2 MOT bays which are in identical adjacent premises may have completely different bay configurations.

In selecting the correct installation arrangement for your premises, time spent with an MOT expert would have been well invested. With detailed knowledge of the requirements for authorisation the optimum bay configuration can be agreed and achieved.

GETECH supply our project managers to support all MOT bay introductions. We are ideally placed as manufacturers to offer detailed advice to guide you toward the correct solution.

Some common general arrangement drawings have been uploaded to our Motorcycle MOT Bay product page.

To view these drawings, and the package information, simply follow the link at the foot of this text and scroll down to the expanding menu within which you can see  .pdf copies of the drawings which can be directly printed or downloaded to your PC. Page Link

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IN FOCUS:Motorcycle Brake Testing

There are a number of different ways to analyse the braking system of a motorcycle or sidecar combination.

Quick diagnosis for the DIY enthusiast can be quickly achieved by purchasing the affordable BrakeCheck unit which fits onto the motorcycles handlebars and measures the deceleration of the bike during a braking phase from 15 kph.

This is the same unit which is supplied to MOT bays as a fall back unit for either “times of crisis” or if an older motorcycle is being checked where the tester believes that presentation to a brake tester may result in damage to the machine (or tester).

But as good as this hand-held unit is; it is no substitute for the detailed measurement that a roller brake tester can provide…

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2The GETECH GE2 is a modern, digital electronic brake tester with modern LED display and an integrated weighing system that allows the motorcycle weight measurement to be taken and used to calculate the braking efficiency of the motorcycle. Older, and even some modern units as a cost down measure, often do not have integrated weighing and so a secondary set of scales is sometimes used to allow the calculation of braking efficiency to be achieved manually.

Further advantages of the GE2 system are that the unit is controlled using an infra-red rather than wired control and that the test sequence and results can be re-played at the end of the test and then printed on a scientific printer which is also supplied… This means that the tester can concentrate on the quality and repeatability of the test process rather than the actual measurements as they are being taken…

You can see a video showing this brake tester in operation here;


Further information on the GE2 motorcycle brake tester can be found on the GETECH website where a dedicated page related to this product is located…


Not only is the GE2 one of the most modern brake testers available but it is also comes with an extended parts warranty!  Provided that the equipment is maintained in line with our manufacturing check list, all parts contained within the brake tester are covered under warranty for 5 years!

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Motorcycle MoT Bays – 5 Essential Pre-Project Checks

motorcycle brake testerMotorcycle MOT Bays are a valuable asset to motorcycle repair garages as they produce guaranteed footfall. The initial investment is (fairly) low and the repayment is rapid.

But how do you set about achieving an approved bay arrangement in your premises? Of course you can go online to the .gov site and download the application forms – but with the application process becoming more streamlined since the introduction of “COMP2” as it is known; and a vehicle inspector only visiting site on a single occasion [simply to approve your handy-work], the number of potential pitfalls are now enormous.

This quick guide outlines the 5 key checks that can be easily be achieved by a business owner that will prove or disprove the theory that a motorcycle mot bay can be integrated into a motorcycle workshop.

The starting point is the premises. Will it meet the dimensional requirements? Essentially we are looking for the following;

  1. Is the door wide enough?
  2. Is there a minimum of 4.6m x 3.2m available with 2m headroom?
  3. Is there some space left over to position a pair of chairs outside of this 4.6m x 3.2 space envelope?

Provided that the answer to all the above questions is “YES” an MoT bay will fit and can be approved from a dimensional perspective.

The next item to check is yourself!

  1. Have you been declared bankrupt?
  2. Do you have any criminal convictions for “acts of violence or intimidation”

headlight testerObviously the answers to the above questions would ideally be “NO” but there are some circumstances when these issues can be overcome – after a period of time a bankruptcy or criminal conviction becomes spent and so need not be declared to the vehicle inspectorate.

If thus far you are ticking all the boxes to meet the requirements probably the next stage is to get a professional appraisal of the situation on the ground.Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2

GETECH Garage Equipment assist throughout the entire project process – eliminating all the headaches for you. We offer a free on site consultation to assess the actual suitability of the premises for an MOT bay and with so many regulations to take account of, it probably makes sense to get this free advice once the above points have been checked.

To arrange a FREE on-site consultation, call our MOT specialists on 0844 800 9785.

CASE STUDY: Crispy’s Motorcycles

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2When we were approached by Chris Brian in Plymouth with an enquiry for an MOT bay we were amazed with what we were told…

We were not the first phone number on his list!

OK. Maybe it is a little presumptuous to assume that we would always be the first call for any mot related equipment enquiries – but knowing what a good job we actually do for our customer’s it’s a little frustrating that the word hasn’t spread a little further afield than the 4 walls of our office sometimes!

In all seriousness though, it was incredible to find that those who had actually been given the enquiry were simply not able (or willing in at least one instance) to travel to Plymouth to talk through the enquiry face to face and understand; on the ground, the projects true feasibility.

Given that the MoT bay was part of a bigger project to relocate the entire business to a larger workshop area, it seemed fairly important to us to visit site as soon as possible to give Chris the answers he sought before he signed the contract for the premises.

Walking into the building it immediately became apparent that space was going to be at a premium. A class 1 and 2 mot bay takes up a lot more room than you might imagine [as one has to account for sidecar combinations] nevertheless we immediately set about laying out the various options that would work within the given space envelope… Despite spatial restrictions with mezzanine supports it was possible to identify 2 serious contenders for the final bay arrangement.

The final decision in the end made itself.

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake TestIt is nearly always preferable to install motorcycle bays near or inside of the doorway due to the requirement to accommodate motorcycle with sidecar through the premises to the bay itself. It was agreed that a bay installed through 90 degrees allowed the minimum disruption to the remainder of the workshop area.

Having quoted the job in advance we sought to clarify the entire project and what we would do. Sufficiently impressed with our presentation, we set about the application paperwork together. [Customers are always fully supported from point of sale through the application process and although not all the necessary supporting evidence was available at the time of the visit a complete list was compiled and actions given to ensure responsibilities were known]

Part of this paperwork application required local council planning liaison as the previous usage of the building was not motor trade related. In instances like this we [GETECH] take responsibility for speaking to Council’s. There are many good reasons for this, as anyone who has dealt with a local planning structure will know!

Over the forthcoming few weeks the rest of the project came together and all the supporting evidence was gathered and submitted for pre-approval with the ministry.

Next, for all concerned a stroke of luck! The application process simplified somewhat – this was good news from our perspective but for new applicants a potentially worrying time with no “second set of eyes” on the premises and the pre-approval given on a drawing only!

That is a lot of responsibility for a privateer. With regulations complicated for multi-class bays, employing professional expertise seems sensible on any new project.

With paperwork pre-approval granted the project only required groundwork and electrical provision, delivery and installation before we gained the full approval for the new bay. Realisation was fast approaching!

Enter the curveball!

Receiving a call after office hours from the AE it became apparent that the timeline needed to radically reduce in order to hit timings which were to be published in the press.

Fortunately we were able to respond to the request rapidly and the bay was installed the following week, the slack preventing any issues with existing service contract customers without jeopardising the overall timeline.

Crispy's Motorcycle Headlight TestCompleting the installation and producing the certification necessary for approval to be granted by the DVSA in due course, Chris was left fully trained, but slightly stunned that the project that had been in the back of his mind for some time was actually complete, in the ground and ready to run!

getech-garage-equipment-logoGETECH supply MOT bays for all vehicle classes. As a manufacturer within the MOT scheme we are perfectly positioned to remain abridged of current and future known legislation. With a design ethos for total modularity, our equipment therefore is some of the most flexible currently available in the UK.

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IN FOCUS: Complete Motorcycle MoT Bay Package

Bay 1A GETECH Class I & II MOT equipment package incorporates a GE5418 double laser headlight beam setter, GE2 roller brake tester and an ancillary pack containing all the required signage, MoT notice board & tools, wheel alignment bars and hand held decelerometer with mounting bracket.


The GE5418 headlight tester has been developed to give testing stations the best accuracy possible when measuring beam patterns and this is achieved with a double laser system to align the setter to the presented motorcycle and to also identify the true position of the headlamp bulb itself. The unit is offered as standard within our MoT packages for its superior capability by comparison to other manufacturers mirror/visor models.

Display for a modern electronic motorcycle brake tester

The GE2 roller brake tester has been specifically designed to test all motorcycle and sidecar combinations and is also capable of accurate measurement of standard and split braking systems and those motorcycles fitted with ABS and TCB systems. The roller chassis itself is bi-directional and includes as standard an integrated weighing system with large diameter resin bonded gritted rollers to minimise the effects of tyre flexing during the measurement test. Controlled by an infra-red remote control system data can be automatically assigned to each braking system (front/rear/sidecar) so that the data can be re-played to the tester on the large LED display for later analysis. This enables the tester to concentrate on conducting the test rather than noting down the test data as it is acquired.

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck is a fully self-contained, portable, battery-powered brake meter to test and report on vehicle brake efficiency. Designed to be self-compensating, the instrument will indicate on the LED screen when it is positioned level enough to perform a brake test. A generous tolerance ensures “level enough” is easily achieved. All operations are performed using only three buttons on the unit. Test results can be printed out if an optional infra-red printer is purchased.

The complete ancillary pack contains all the other minor equipment required for your test station to be approved including a full set of MoT tools, an MoT notice board, full set of signage and a set of aluminium extruded wheel alignment bars.

Equipment Installation & Support

Complete Project Management from Inception to Approval
Complete Project Management from Inception to Approval

Experienced GETECH project managers will also fully support the introduction of your MoT bay. This service, which is included free with all our MoT equipment packages, includes all the support required to get your MoT bay operational in the shortest time possible.

We will complete the application paperwork on your behalf and assist you with gathering the necessary application evidence and produce all the supporting drawings that are required by VOSA before submitting the completed application on your behalf. Once accepted, your paperwork application approval is backed up by a site visit from your local VOSA inspector to ensure that any other minor site specific detail is declared such that an official “Approval in principle” can be granted.

Nationwide service - Regional responseOnce this approval has been reached, GETECH engineers will install the MoT bay to the stated requirements producing all the necessary paperwork required for VOSA to fully authorise your bay which is then officially handed over to VOSA on the final approval visit by your assigned GETECH project manager.

Beyond the first years included calibration contract, ongoing service contracts are also available for periodical calibration to meet statutory requirements and for maintenance in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. GETECH also supply an extensive range of motorcycle workshop equipment – visit our webpage and view our motorcycle mot bay package page. You can also contact GETECH on 0844 800 9785 for more information or use the contact form below: