GETECH GE2 Brake Tester Calibrations

GE2 Roller Brake Tester Display

If you have a GETECH GE2 brake tester installed into your workshop premises then you will need the brake tester to be calibrated every 6 months in order to measure, check and re-calibrate it. This ensures that it is measuring accurately and within the 3% allowance as prescribed by the DVSA.

In order for your GE2 to be calibrated you will need to contact GETECH, or a GETECH approved agent.

This is because you need the correct calibration rig as well as being able to access the calibration menu within the digital display unit.

What is a calibration?

Calibration is defined as the process of evaluating and adjusting the precision and accuracy of measurement equipment. Proper calibration of an instrument allows users to be confident that valid data is captured and submitted.

Who can perform a calibration on a GE2 brake tester?

In order to calibrate a GETECH brake tester you require a GETECH GE2 calibration rig, GETECH Weight tray, a laptop with RS232 port, a null modem link cable, hyperterminal installed on the PC (HyperTerminal is an application that connects a computer to other remote systems), a set of calibrated weights and access through GETECH to obtain the correct response code to the dynamic request the unit gives you at the instant it is to be calibrated.

We have found evidence of some companies “calibrating” these units without accessing the calibration menu. Those companies call this a calibration, but it is actually at best a weight check. The problem with weight checking on any digital brake tester is that unless you are within the calibration menu; on a laptop directly connected to the PCB board,, you cannot actually be 100% certain of the measured weight on the torque arm.

In addition, because the calibration has not actually been undertaken (which is a DVSA requirement) the Authorised Examiner is liable when this issue is identified – irrespective of what the 3rd party company may have told the station operator about their own competence.

In a recent case we found one such unit to be 6% in error – twice the permitted tolerance.

How can I be sure my GETECH brake tester is being calibrated correctly?

If you have concerns over the capability of your calibration agent, then please contact us in confidence for further advice on 0844 800 9785. Ultimately your own MOT licence is at stake.

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