MOT Pit Bay Packages from GETECH. Market leading quality and warranty at an affordable price.

MoT Inspection Pit by GETECH Garage Equipment
A class 7 ATL MoT bay on an inspection pit (Blockwork Pit)

For garages with limited headroom an opportunity exists to still install an approved MOT testing bay – this can actually be achieved using an inspection pit scenario which greatly reduces the height requirement of the MOT testing bay and hence allows it to be packaged into these compact environments.

Often potential customers will have ruled out an inspection pit bay having not even considered the many advantages a pit installation has.

It is also not unusual to believe that an inspection pit bay costs significantly more than a lift bay package on the basis of the amount of civil works required, however this is simply not the case if one considers the total cost of achieving an approved bay for both configurations and compares the two numbers.

Whilst the initial groundwork might be more expensive for a pit bay, often garages have not considered the cost of recessing the alternative lift option into the ground – and this is by far the most common installation arrangement selected by customers as it takes up the least workshop space. Of course if you have the headroom and can surface mount your lift then this will be the least expensive option of all.

The issue with a lift sat in a recess from a cost perspective is that we must achieve 160mm of good hard concrete (probably C30) which the lift will be bolted onto. This means that for a 200mm finished recess we might be digging out around 360mm  of the floor before re-pouring 160mm of good quality, C30 hard standing.

Since the finished size of this recess could be as much as 4.8m long x 3.5m wide x 200mm deep for class 4 testing or 6.1m x 3.5m x 200mm deep for Class 7 bays, we are talking about significant holes which could easily cost several thousand pounds to achieve. When one also considers that once the lift is installed it must be serviced by law every 6 months, and you are liable to the possibility that a vehicle might become stuck in the air, or that the lift itself may not operate when needed – all of a sudden the pit option then start to make a lot more sense!

After all, even with our market leading warranty we still appreciate that our equipment will, from time to time, throw up a fault which requires a service visit – a pit cannot leave you in this position. Ever.

Complete MOT Bay Package - Pit BayWe supply pit based packages that will allow for traditional testing with an assistant or one person testing bays to suit either Class 4 or Class 4/7 situations. The packages contain all the equipment you need to have installed to gain the approval of the the DVSA and include all the necessary project management so that you achieve a working bay in the shortest time possible.

Dependent on the soil quality, proximity to water sources or the height of the water table in your area will  generally drive a decision for either a metal fabricated pit, a blockwork pit or even a concrete cast pit – although a fabricated pit might be considered a luxury, the inclusion of air line, pre-wired lighting and a powder coated finish do make the working environment comfortable – and a fabricated pit is not always expensive as you might think.

Most customers however do opt for a blockwork pit because they usually have existing builder contacts who can do all the excavation and making good to a good standard and at a competitive price since a pre-existing relationship exists between parties. Our experience of attempting to cast a pit is to avoid attempting to cast a pit. It requires a high level of preparation work to ensure that the form does not deform under the load of wet concrete.

In order to ensure that the exact dimensional requirements are met when the civil work is undertaken to our drawings, GETECH include an on-site management visit before every critical stage of the realisation process to ensure that the final pit is dimensionally correct and an installation and approval can be successfully and safely achieved.

Our pit equipment all comes with a 5 year extended parts warranty. We believe in putting our own “necks on the line” by offering such a good part warranty at our own risk since by offering this, you know that no shortcuts are being taken which might jeopardise the operation or reliability of the equipment we supply.

You can see the main aspects of GETECH pit based equipment in this video;

So, if you have previously ruled out an MOT bay in your garage because you thought that your roofline was too low, or if you want to take the opportunity to grasp the additional benefits that a pit based installation offers then we can be contacted for assistance on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.

Pit based MOT packages can also be browsed on our website by clicking this link;

getech-garage-equipment-logoGETECH supply MOT bays & equipment for all vehicle classes. As a manufacturer within the MOT scheme we are perfectly positioned to remain abridged of current and future known legislation. With a design ethos for total modularity, our equipment is some of the most flexible currently available in the UK.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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