DVSA VT01 Applications – Expert Assistance

As a manufacturer of DVSA approved equipment GETECH Garage Equipment are ideally placed to discuss any project requirement with. We are, in fact, expert at navigating the entire process in the quickest time possible.

Whilst new online publications in part assist new garages or existing test stations to complete the application paperwork; our experience, especially since this changes, is the inability of applicants to successfully navigate the entire application process first time.

More often than not it is one of two reasons that are usually the most likely to be the reason for this rejection. Either;

  1. Installation Drawings are not of sufficient quality and need further detailing, normally by a professional firm or;
  2. Proof of planning permission or an exception or written confirmation that the existing planning permission covers MOT testing.

These two aspects of the application are where GETECH excel. Our experienced project engineers understand the requirements of the MOT scheme in intimate detail, but unlike many other suppliers who just produce installation drawings for your MOT application, GETECH also assist in the preparation of “local authority consent”.

Local Authority Consent, in terms of a vehicle repair garage and/or an MOT testing station can be confusing for the inexperienced and can often be used by Council’s to “force” garages down the route of a planning application of one level or another.

Our experience of Council classifications is that MOT testing bays are usually considered as “Sui Generis” which actually means “without classification”. This is because of the planners “bible” – the Land Use Gazetteer which is a publication describing specific business activities which it then classifies within the “Town & Country Classifications” – in this publication a normal vehicle repair garage is considered to be a “B2” operation.

The problem encountered by new MOT bay applicants often starts when the garage opens its doors. Many owners find the unit they want in the location they prefer and simply open up and start trading. Provided that the garage operator is a responsible individual and doesn’t disturb the neighbours or cause traffic issues with his parking arrangements, it is highly likely that the Council’s enforcement, and therefore planning departments, will not be aware officially that this use is being undertaken in the premises.

When either enforcement action is taken, or if a new MOT facility requiring specific planning approval is required, it may become apparent that the permitted use of the building may not be the same classification as the work being undertaken. For example, you might be operating a vehicle repair garage (use class B2) in a building which is classified for use within the B8 category for “storage and distribution”.

If this is the case not only will you discover that a full planning application is required, but worse you run the risk of the planning permission application being refused forcing you, eventually, from the building you occupy.

In these instances you need a strong partner who is well versed in the DVSA’s application regulations who might even, in some instances, be able to avoid the need for a planning application.

Garages which already hold a B2 classification for example can often successfully avoid the need for a change of use with our experts working for your benefit.

We don’t see problems, only solutions…

So, if you are struggling to achieve “local authority consent” irrespective of if you a new start business or an established business then an expert from GETECH can take all the workload from your shoulders and deliver you the pre-approval from the DVSA you are seeking.

Our expert project managers are available to offer FREE advice on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.


GETECH supply MOT bays & equipment for all vehicle classes. As a manufacturer within the MOT scheme we are perfectly positioned to remain abridged of current and future known legislation. With a design ethos for total modularity, our equipment is some of the most flexible currently available in the UK.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk ormail info@getech.org.uk.

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