GETECH Motorcycle MOT Equipment

Many suppliers offer a complete bay packages containing all the motorcycle mot equipment required by the DVSA to gain an approval for a Class I/II testing bay.

A GETECH package for motorcycle testing includes a top specification double laser headlight tester, a bi-directional brake tester complete with a printer and integrated weighing system. We also include the small tools, sign pack and 12 months calibration of the entire bay.

In addition our packages come with a project management service which includes completion of the application paperwork including where necessary planning applications to local authorities.

The biggest advantages of opting for a GETECH bay are that not only are you dealing direct with the equipment manufacturer and our 5 year extended parts warranty .

In fact the only thing we don’t provide as part of the installed package* are the customers who will eventually use it!

The GETECH complete bay package for motorcycles can be viewed online if you click the following link;

Motorcycle MOT Equipment Package

Complete MOT Bay Package - Motorcycle

*- To a prepared site


getech-garage-equipment-logoGETECH supply MOT bays & equipment for all vehicle classes. As a manufacturer within the MOT scheme we are perfectly positioned to remain abridged of current and future known legislation. With a design ethos for total modularity, our equipment is some of the most flexible currently available in the UK.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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