Quick List – Equipment Needed to MOT – Part A: Motorcycle MOT Bay Equipment

In order to test motorcycles in your new MOT bay you will need the following equipment to be installed, to be calibrated and with all the supporting paperwork to prove that the equipment you have can be used in an MOT bay…


Headlight Tester

This should be of rail mounted design and be from the DVSA’s list of acceptable equipment.

Many models are available but a laser model is advised for the best measurement accuracy.


Roller Brake Tester

Again from the DVSA’s acceptable list of equipment a roller brake tester in good working condition and calibrated is required for authorisation. Many models are available; our own GETECH GE2 comes with a 5 year part warranty and is controlled by infra-red remote control for example.

Snapshot 1 (09-04-2014 12-31)Decelerometer – This must be suited for Class I/II testing so might also require a strap or bracket to allow it to be fixed to a motorcycle for the test. Again this must be from the approved list of acceptable equipment.

Wheel Alignment Equipment – Either 2 straight bars or 2 strong cords are required for frame checks.

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2Signage & Ancillaries – The following signage and ancillaries are required;

  • Official 3 Triangles Sign – this must be the approved DVSA sign – it should not be displayed until the authorisation is actually granted.
  • Reception & Waiting Area Sign.
  • Viewing Area Available Sign.
  • Viewing Area Sign.
  • MOT Notice Board suitable for 6 sheets of A4 paper in portrait orientation.
  • A facility to park the motorcycles in advance of the test. Note that in some circumstances a marked may might be necessary.
  • Suitable place to maintain contingency test certificates
  • Method of connecting to the reporting site (i.e the internet)
  • An A4 printer for documentation


Complete MOT Bay Package - Motorcycle

Whilst the equipment list is fairly straightforward, other aspects of actually getting an MOT bay as an authorised entity are not covered by this blog piece and further advice should be sought.

We are always happy to help! You can call 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours and one of our MOT experts will gladly assist.

In fact, we even have a complete bay  package which comes practically as a turn-key solution.


Specific information on our MOT bay package for motorcycles can be viewed HERE

 getech-garage-equipment-logoGETECH supply MOT bays & equipment for all vehicle classes. As a manufacturer within the MOT scheme we are perfectly positioned to remain abridged of current and future known legislation. With a design ethos for total modularity, our equipment is some of the most flexible currently available in the UK.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk.

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