DVSA Decoded Part 2: Who and what are the AEDM & NT’s?

Read Part One HERE

With so many terms used within the MoT scheme it is not a surprise that we come across individuals confused with the terminology.

This blog piece explains the terms: Authorised Examiner Designated Manager or AEDM and Nominated Testers or NT’s

The authorised examiner designated manager or AEDM is the individual who is physically approved as the primary liaison point for the DVSA. AEDM’s have a number of roles to fulfil, but in basic terms they oversee the operation of the test station and ensure its conformance to the published regulations for the classes of vehicle that the authorised entity can test.

In a sole trader application, that individual must be the trained and nominated AEDM, but partnerships, limited companies or designated councils may nominate any individual to be trained and be the AEDM for the AE.

A nominated tester or NT is a trained person who conducts the examination of the vehicle under test. Any NT can be “nominated” to test at any MOT station by the Authorised Entity Designated Manager. New nominated testers to the scheme must undertake a demonstration test with the DVSA when they are newly qualified and before they can undertake a live MOT.

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