Motorcycle MOT Testing Bays

Adding an MOT bay into an existing motorcycle repair workshop can pay big dividends. If you haven’t already installed an MOT bay to your motorcycle repair business you are missing out on a massive opportunity to boost your companies turn-over and this is simply that an MOT is a yearly requirement for all riders. Thus footfall is more or less guaranteed, and can be expected to increase year on year thereafter.

Whilst you should not perceive this opportunity as a licence to print money, one thing you can be certain of is that by adding an MOT facility to your business then in all likelihood turnover and therefore profits will increase.

A lot of hard work is required to obtain a licence from the DVSA to conduct MOT tests but some suppliers, such as GETECH, offer a service which includes completing all the application paperwork and managing the introduction  of the bay to your premises which is a useful addition to any equipment package as it will free you up to continue to operate your existing business whilst the supplier get on with the introduction process on your behalf in parallel to your normal trading routine.

Whilst this assistance is fantastic, it shouldn’t dissuade you from researching the opportunities for equipment supplier that exist. Some are manufacturing in their own right and some are purely acting as agents or go-betweens and a balance should be struck which gives the garage owner the confidence that he is accessing the equipment at the best rate possible.

There is also the risk in dealing with a supplier rather than direct with a manufacturer that “the love and care” will slip from the task when the job is bolted down as, in truth, there is a supply chain between site, supplier and manufacturer.

GETECH avoid this problem by, in the most part, dealing directly with end user garages. This gives workshop owners the advantages of dealing directly with the equipment manufacturer so that in times of crisis, you can be confident that a speedy resolution will be achieved for your business – in addition you benefit from the savings or additional benefits that we as a manufacturer can offer you such as a 5 year extended parts warranty, in-house service department, OEM spare parts available from stock for quick shipment and additional equipment within our bay packages against the minimum spec. bays offered by our competition.

Complete MOT Bay Package - Motorcycle

Projects for motorcycle bays are normally instigated by sites far to late in the calendar year to achieve a meaningful return in year one. GETECH advise that motorcycle specialists start their project around late August or early September as experience tells us that in a majority of instances that local Council’s will require some level of planning process to be competed (e.g. lawful development certificates / change of use / full planning applications) and this process always takes time – around 8 weeks under normal circumstances.

Applications to the DVSA for authorisation without this evidence will be rejected therefore a full 8 week process normally needs to be undertaken before an application can even be made.

Given also that the vehicle inspectorate take an average of 2 weeks to supply an approval in principle letter to prospective applicants (a letter which confirms that the application is successful). After this, groundwork, electrical provision and training courses will need to be undertaken, an installation booked and achieved before the DVSA attend site to sign off the approval of the bay – in short the whole process can easily become a 16 week project from start to finish. That is not to say that every project will take this long, however for a vast majority of cases the above timing is realistic for planning purposes.

So don’t delay. A successful introduction to your business means starting the project as soon as possible to avoid the pitfalls of the application process and to be sat waiting for the first MOT’s of 2019.

getech-garage-equipment-logoGETECH supply MOT bays & equipment for all vehicle classes. As a manufacturer within the MOT scheme we are perfectly positioned to remain abridged of current and future known legislation. With a design ethos for total modularity, our equipment is some of the most flexible currently available in the UK.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

Specific information on our MOT bay package for motorcycles can be viewed HERE

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