Inspection Pits for MOT Bays

Have you ever considered an Inspection Pit for MOT purposes?

Chances are you’re in one of two categories. The first group of people think that a pit is a cold, dark place which should be avoided at all costs – the second realise the potential an inspection pit based MOT bay can offer a garage when one considers the long haul.

When you set out in business that is exactly what you are in it for, the long haul – to grow, become established and expand – well what better way to do that than by using an inspection pit!

Just some of the advantages of an inspection pit bay:

  1. Costs. Although the the initial costs of installing a pre-fabricated inspection pit may be higher than for a lift based bay when all is said and done in the longer term this turns out to me a much more cost effective solution. There is no bi-annual maintenance to complete for example and a pit cannot “break-down” leaving a customers car stuck in the air or forcing you to work off the floor until a repair is completed.
  2. Facilities. The modern fabricated pit is actually a pretty nice place to work these days. Long gone are the days of the oil stained pit, these days it’s “Hello” to integral, air and power and a powder coated finish which wipes clean in a flash!
  3. Flexibility. A pit has another critical advantage to offer the workshop owner. The gift of flexibility where vehicles of varying length can be accommodated to suit specific premises or requirements opening up additional markets to garages such as limousines.

If you have a garage workshop roofline which is below the minimum dimension requirement for DVSA / VOSA bays (3.8m Class 4 & 4.8m Class 7) then the pit offers a realistic alternative to incorporating an MoT facility into a workshop.

Existing Inspection Pits

Reality is that the pit within your workshop is probably not suitable for that MOT bay you have always dreamed of. It’s probably too shallow (if the premises used to be used for Truck repairs) but the positive from this is that a majority of the preparatory work will have been already completed so amendments to accept a fabricated pit are both possible and affordable.

New Fabricated Pits

Pits are built bespoke to specific customer site requirements in some instances but we usually have Class 4 and Class 4/7 pits available on short lead time to standard dimensions – call to enquire on 0844 800 9785.

Complete MOT Bay Package - Pit Bay


For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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