Bye-Bye 4-2-2 (for the time being at least)

Welcome news at the end of last week was the announcement from the DVSA that the frequency of the first MOT inspection of a vehicles life would remain at 3 years and not 4 as had been originally proposed.

Much has been written on this subject since the government originally tabled this proposal so there is not a great deal of need to re-iterate the facts as we can all agree that the design and manufacturing of vehicles has improved significantly since the inception of the MOT test. However, there is no avoiding the fact that some items which relate to vehicle safety which are definitely consumables e.g. brakes, tyres, wipers etc. and not intervening to verify the condition of these items within an MOT inspection for a further year would, almost certainly, led to more road deaths if one considers the normal fail rate at the vehicle’s first MOT.

Noted that the net result of this decision is that tax payers will not save on a one MOT test but given that we are talking about safety then this saving of £35-£50 should not be sufficiently interesting to anyone other than those who can’t afford to maintain their vehicles, or those that believe that any vehicle with an MOT is “safe”.

There did seem to be an omission from the press release though, and that relates to follow up testing after year 3. We have a feeling that 3-2-2 or 3-2-1 may yet still be proposed but for the time being any concerns prospective new MOT stations might have about MOT test frequency have been alleviated.


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