Comparison quoting process by customer leads to surprising confession!

We all like a pat on the back don’t we! It’s nice when someone can see the value of what you add to their business with your equipment and / or support; but within the last week a surprising admission was passed onto a potential customer who relayed the information back to us at the point of sale.

We initially visited site, our sales team advised the customer that the costs to achieve MOT authorisation could be greatly reduced if the existing vehicle hoist within the building was used for MOT purposes. We fulfilled our usual obligations by providing a detailed written quote and other associated documentation and we awaited the feedback.

When we spoke to the customer again we discovered he had phoned other suppliers to bench check us and in checking with 2 other suppliers one had freely admitted that;

“If you are dealing with GETECH, then the equipment is very good and the price will be as well so to be honest there’s no point in us quoting you…”

We often are asked about our equipment from a reliability or quality standpoint. In those situations we usually put forward numerous existing local customers who can then be conducted for an independent review of our products because we know that there is no better advertisement for your product or service than when it comes from someone with current, often long term experience of our products; but on receiving this information we feel that a competitor endorsement is even better!


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