#AnsweringBack – In Short: Why Use Play Detectors?

During a weekly drill-down into our web-page we came across an interesting query which forms part of a new series of blog posts where we “Answer Back” – The question posed for this blog post was;

“Why Use Play Detectors?”

Play detection equipment is used in an MOT bay to eliminate the MOT assistant from the inspection process.

Equipment can be either hydraulically or pneumatically operated and although both types can be approved for use in an MOT bay hydraulic plates offer better reliability (since it is a simple closed hydraulic circuit with a single pump as opposed to a compressor, water traps and the inevitable losses from pipework.

Another key advantage of using play detection equipment in an MOT bay is that the operation of the steering elements and loading of the suspension is consistent between tests.

One final important thing to note is that play detection equipment which is to be fitted to a vehicle lift must be approved for this use by the manufacturer of the lift. Of course this generally limits you to using the “own brand” play detector which that manufacturer produces.


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