Motorcycle MOT Bay Specialist

Nationwide Coverage – Regional Response

Within the supply market for motorcycle test bay equipment there are several options for equipment supplier, but none come near to a GETECH package!

As the manufacturer of this equipment we are coming directly to you with our own DVSA approved equipment which can be supplied either as individual items or as part of a complete MOT package from as little as £35+VAT/Week or £45+VAT/Week fully maintained and calibrated for 5 years!

Many customers opt for a complete bay package within which all the equipment you need to be authorised is included;

  • A GETECH GE5418L double laser headlight beam tester
  • A GETECH GE2 class I/II roller brake tester and scientific printer
  • A Brake meter decelerometer with Bracket
  • All the signage, small tools, notice board and alignment bars…

All GETECH equipment comes with a 5 year warranty so before you bolt down a bay, consider how additional years of parts coverage might be advantageous when the overall purchase costs are effectively the same!

You can view our Motorcycle package on YouTube or on our own website.

All GETECH motorcycle bay packages are supplied with FREE project management so you can be signed off simply and without interrupting your business operations. However discounts are available for those already with approval or those wanting to install the bay themselves. Please contact us for further information on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.


For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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