New Motorcycle MOT Station Wanted? 2018 is already waiting for you…

It might be the middle of summer; but now really is the time to start to turn your attention toward the 2018 season if you want your garage to be MOT approved, ready & waiting for the first customers of the year…

Gaining the approval of your garage’s MOT facility through the vehicle inspectorate can require some time-consuming obstacles to be navigated. In order to ensure that you are to maximise the potential of the 2018 season you obviously need to be sat ready and waiting with an approved bay so that as soon as the sun makes an appearance you are ready to serve!

The main problem you are likely to encounter is the dreaded “evidence of planning permission, or an exemption, or written confirmation that existing planning covers MOT testing”.

Already it is likely that some readers of this blog post are saying “that won’t affect me, I’ve been repairing motorcycles here for years” however if you cast your mind back to when you took ownership of the premises you probably didn’t get in contact with the Council’s planning department to let then know you were moving in to conduct repairs – why would you in a circumstance where you like the unit, it’s location and the rental price – you just moved in and away you went – correct?

As such you therefore leave yourself “liable” for the fact that the unit may not actually benefit from the correct planning permission for even workshop repairs to be conducted. Potentially the MOT bay may need to have its own classification within the Town & Country Use Classes (to give two of many examples) – it is only normally when you apply to for the written confirmation from the Council for the MOT application that the requirement for a planning application becomes apparent.

How can I protect myself from this scenario?

Note the first part of this blog post – the earlier you start, the more in control of the introduction timing you will be!

Surely by telling the Council what I am actually doing I will be in trouble…

Not at all. It is fairly common for a retrospective application be required — never lose sight of the fact that in speaking to the Council you are attempting to regularise (or make good) the situation.

What are my options?

There are two options – either;

a) Learn about planning use classes, how and when they are applied before making and managing both the application, producing the evidence and responding to planning specific requirements from highways, environmental or other or

b) Pick up the phone to GETECH Garage Equipment – All our packages include any planning application which may be required – you simply employ us to apply for and manage your planning application to ensure that the correct evidence is produced so it will be accepted by the DVSA.

Why start now? Its 8 weeks for a planning application – that means I could be in the ground long before Christmas with no way to recoup the investment since motorcycle work is so seasonal…

It is true that motorcycle work is very seasonal but any planning permission gained is valid for 3 years – so the bay can be started any time during that period without having to re-apply to the Council. From a DVSA pre-approval perspective – an “Approval in Principle” document stands for 6 months so actually – the time to start thinking about this project is now… Better to have the pre-approval in hand and then manage the project so that it is bolted down with appropriate timing.

What are the next steps then?

  1. Call GETECH on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours
  2. Arrange a quote & site survey for your MOT bay
  3. If satisfied with the project quote then sign up – pay the small deductible initial deposit of £500 with nothing further to pay until 1st November 2017
  4. Your MOT bay will be scheduled for installation during November* or January* as standard

*December options are available but VERY limited…

I want some more information on your packages and services…

That’s easy – You can visit our webpage at any time or alternatively you can see all our MOT packages on a single page by clicking this LINK.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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