Roadside Emissions Testing is Coming!

HGV emissions enforcement
In August 2017 we’ll start to carry out roadside checks which target lorry drivers
and operators who cheat on vehicle emissions. The crackdown is based on
evidence that some drivers and operators are using cheat devices to cut the
cost of operating. This enforcement will help make vehicles safer by cutting the
amount of harmful pollutants they produce.
s300_dvsa-enforcement-officer-lorryThe above statement was published in the DVSA’s yearly review and clearly identifies a start date for the next round of roadside testing. Whilst a majority of fleet owners responsibly operate their fleets, there are those who look to break emissions standards.
It seems likely that emissions testing is going to be an area which should be added to the current 6 weekly checks for fleet operators. Currently specific reporting is only requested on brakes – implemented to drive a “duty of care” philosophy within the industry.
We have a standalone diesel smoke meter which we can supply for on-site testing to avoid the dreaded roadside #Fail.
It is the latest generation of smoke tester suitable for truck, bus and coach operators with a 100m wireless range tests, automatic calibration with every test and an operating temperature window down to -15degC.
The DS2XP-0 Truck & Bus Smoke Meter is available on a short lead time and is supplied complete with calibration paperwork good for the first years operation. A cost and tax effective lease purchase package is also available for this equipment.
Simply visit our BUS & Truck equipment page [ ] and browse our dedicated range of heavy duty equipment for heavy vehicles, or call 0844 800 9785 to discuss you requirement during normal office hours.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail


One Reply to “Roadside Emissions Testing is Coming!”

  1. I like the fact that there would now be more roadside emissions testing to be implemented soon. This would surely benefit a lot of people especially those who have difficulty breathing. The smoke or smog generated by the car’s emission can really be a health hazard if not properly addressed. Worse, this could even lead to death. Hence, it’s always good to have your own car’s emission inspected to ensure proper maintenance. Thanks.

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