Sole Trader MOT’s with an Inspection Pit

Complete MOT Bay Package - Pit BayMany people imagine that as a sole trader; operating an MOT station from a small premises with limited headroom might be impossible – but you might also be surprised after talking to GETECH!

Using an inspection pit to conduct the under vehicle checks required as part of the MOT is perfectly acceptable to the DVSA when they consider a premises’ suitability to house a test station.

There are of course some dimensional stipulations that must be adhered to in order for the approval to be granted. These dimensions cover things like the permissible widths and depth of the pit, the minimum lengths which must be provided, the proximity of equipment to walls and other equipment as well as other dimensions to numerous to mention in this blog piece…

Obviously dependent on the class of vehicle you intend to test there are differences in these required dimensions; but as a general rule a pit of between 1.6m & 1.8m deep and a width of  around 900mm allows you test either class 4’s or class 7’s sensibly.

Like an MOT installation, each inspection pit is bespoke to the premises concerned and either a blockwork or a metal fabricated pit might be used. The decision on which route to take here can be driven by cost or environmental conditions. With either configuration the pit can normally be made to suit specific site conditions although the more complex the design, the higher the costs to produce the pit.

Finally, the change in regulations that allowed new test stations to apply for One Person Testing status rather than ATL (Automated Testing), saves garage owners a small fortune and makes the provisioning of an MOT station within a small sole trader premises realistic. Realistically a complete one person bay package can be bolted down and run for the first 12 months from approx £130/Week!

From an equipment perspective you couldn’t be in a better position than talking to GETECH. As a manufacturer we have our own range of equipment to suit an inspection pit based installation – and this equipment comes with a 5 years extended parts warranty.

So give us a call on 0844 800 9785 to discuss your project in more details – we can probably answer all your questions in single telephone call and then start the process to full approval, starting with a free on site consultation, quickly and efficiently.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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