Calibration and Service – Some myths de-bunked

When you think about your MOT bay equipment and measures you can take to ensure your equipment remains in good condition what is the first thing that comes to mind?

We suspect you will say either calibration or servicing.

They are both likely answers, but most garage owners still have trouble explaining the difference between the two. In fact research we conducted showed that 83% of garage owners did not understand the difference so we thought we would take a moment of your time to explain the key differences…

What is a Calibration?

A calibration is a process set out by the equipment manufacturer that has to be followed to ensure that the measurement capabilities of your equipment are within allowable tolerances. The frequency of the checks is dictated by the vehicle inspectorate.

So what is a Service then?

A service differs slightly from a calibration. It is a process of inspection checks (still set out by the equipment manufacturer) to ensure that the mechanical and internal electrical components are operating efficiently and without deterioration to their performance from a measurement or safety perspective. Where necessary parts may need to be replaced.

If the equipment is calibrated it must be in a serviceable condition?

True. But only at the instant when the calibration check is completed. Like your MOT a calibration certificate may last for a fixed period but if the condition of the calibrated item deteriorates then the calibration may no longer be correct; or valid. A service is therefore a more thorough way of maintaining the equipment to a serviceable condition.

I’m a bit confused by this…

OK, let me explain this another way. Lets say for example you are going to climb a mountain and you decide that you need to get paperwork from the doctor to say you are in good health. You visit this doctor and he performs all his checks to produce the paperwork to say you are in good condition. This is your bodies calibration certificate if you will…

Next in order to climb the mountain you decide that you will do some fitness training to give your body the capability to perform this task – this is the service element. The two are linked but subtly different.

To maintain your garage equipment in the best condition possible we can support your garage with calibration and servicing contracts which are competitvely priced. We have a monthly payment scheme for low volume or seasonal business to give you the facility for some good financial planning. Visit our service department homepage HERE or call 0844 800 9785 during office hours.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail

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