6 Weekly Brake Testing on Fleet Vehicles

vosa manIt has become commonplace for HGV, Bus & Coach operators to conduct regular vehicle checks on fleets.

These checks are required as part of a continuous “Duty of Care” regime which should ensure that vehicles are regularly monitored to ensure that the mechanical condition of the vehicle meets a satisfactory minimum level.

As far as braking system analysis is concerned, historically an in-ground roller brake tester was used in order to identify specific axles where irregularities such as poor braking performance, imbalance or ovality are present, however in order to make compliance easier the DVSA have recommended in recent years that a brake meter decelerometer with a printer is used to check braking efforts.

Whilst this does not negate the use of a roller brake tester for specific axle analysis, the decelerometer check can be used to evidence operator compliance to a “Duty of Care” regime whilst allowing maintenance staff the facility to record the performances of their vehicles such that if a problem is noted, a corrective action can be implemented before the vehicle leaves the safety of the yard.

The requirements for testing either a Heavy Goods Vehicle, Trailer or Buses & Coach testing are slightly different, therefore we have produced specific kits for these applications.

Each kit contains the correct type of decelerometer and an infra-red remote printer all contained within a hard carry case. The meters are supplied on a 2 year calibration certificate and the Bowmonk BrakeCheck is the least expensive brake meter option available when compared to annually calibrated and serviced units.

There is also a download software option available to eliminate the printer and this can be considered if service personell are equipped with Laptops, however the traditional hard copy printer  version is the more commonly supplied variant in our experience due to the robust design of the brake meter tester and printer compared to a laptop computer..

For specific advice on our brake meter’s please call our dedicated sales support team on 0844 800 9785 or visit the GETECH website.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk.


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