6 Weekly Fleet Brake Checks: PC Download or Print to Hard Copy?

The subject of this blog article pertains to the methods that can be employed to maintain vehicle testing data as part of a schedule of 6 weekly checks.

The "Industry Standard" Bowmonk brake meter is used in ATF's and MOT stations across the Country
The “Industry Standard” Bowmonk brake meter is used in ATF’s and MOT stations across the Country

The Bowmonk Brake Meter is a means to measure and record braking forces and efficiencies, and this data can be quickly acquired during a simple single test pass.

Dealing with this data is the actual issue. Having conducted the tests you want to maintain a record of those checks as evidence of compliance however is it better to maintain an electronic version of this data or a hard copy?

In the first instance one immediately thinks electronic data makes more sense. The file size is generally quite small and an electronic record can be stored safely on a PC for years – indeed this facility does exist with the Bowmonk Brake Meter however GETECH believe that a paper copy makes more sense…

  1. A micro printer can be supplied with the unit enabling the result to be immediately printed whilst negating the requirement for a laptop to be carried around the test site.
  2. Data when printed can immediately be attached to the service record for the vehicle in question. If a download is to be achieved from “the office” then not only will the tester have to return to base to download the data every time, a risk is introduced whereby the data when downloaded may be saved against the wrong vehicle.
The portable brake meter for motorcycle, car, light commercial, HGV and Bus & Coach testing

In actual fact though we can supply specific to customer requirements – so in those odd ball site requirements that require a download function can be accommodated although GETECH supply our brake testing kits with the printer option as part of a kit. These kits a designed for specific applications. HGV operators require a slightly different specification of brake meter – but our kits for commercial applications are clearly identified HERE whereas the entire product range can be viewed HERE.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk

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