GETECH GE2 Motorcycle Brake Tester. An obvious choice…

If you are looking for the latest technology in your MOT bay then investment in a GETECH GE2 roller brake tester seems to be an obvious choice.

Display for a modern electronic motorcycle brake tester

The GETECH GE2 is a electronic roller brake tester approved for testing Class 1 & 2 motorcycles as part of an MOT bay. It has a clear LED display which shows data acquired during a test cycle including front & rear presented weights, lock-outs, brake forces and imbalances.

Although most motorcycles are of the 1×1 combination, there are those fitted with sidecars, which the GE2 can also easily deal with using the infra-red remote control… and; if you have placed your brake tester at the minimum wall clearance; then the GETECH GE2 is a bi-directional product and so therefore capable of testing all motorcycle and sidecar combinations.

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2Although the DVSA requirement for the display scale means that some heavier motorcycles show a “zero” overall weight (most notable the Honda Goldwing when the front and rear weight measurements are added together), the GE2 roller brake tester can be supplied with a printer which enable all the data to be clearly shown to the MOT tester (or the vehicle’s owner of course).

motorcycle brake testerThe benefits do not end there either. Inclusion of a free floor mounting frame means that installation preparation couldn’t be simpler! Simply Stihl Saw the correct dimensions on the floor and break out! No concrete is required for the actual recess itself which means the complexity of the job giving you the opportunity to do the works yourself to minimise any costs!

The GETECH GE2 has a dedicated product page on the GETECH website which can be viewed HERE – however other than in situations of product replacement this brake tester is usually supplied as part of an Class I/II motorcycle mot bay package which GETECH Garage Equipment also supply.

If you are interested in replacing your existing brake tester – or looking at installing a complete mot bay package to your premises – you could do a lot worse than speak to GETECH. As manufacturers we are able to deal with you directly both in the initial project stages and in-service – you are therefore always fully supported from point of sale.

Call 0844 800 9785 to speak to us in normal office hours or visit our website;

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail



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