F-A-B Option Available!

For many years there was a common understanding emerging in repair workshops that lifts were the recognised way for garage operators to carry out vehicle maintenance and inspection. However, over the last ten years or so there has been a growing understanding that pits have a lot to offer…

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The above came from a previous blog post we published which compared the benefits and negatives associated with a lift based versus an inspection pit based inspection process.

Although the information in that post remains current, you may not be aware that we also supply fabricated pits each designed specifically to your requirements! Ordinarily these are supplied as part of one of our mot bay packages which can be discovered on our webpage. These mot packages are supplied nationally – as are our fabricated pits which are all manufactured from 4mm steel with significant reinforcement to prevent twisting when they are fitted.

OPTL / ATL Pit Under Construction
OPTL / ATL Pit Under Construction

Since the pit is designed for your specific requirement we can also include air lines, power, tool recesses or any other feature you may require.

Naturally, a full suite of documentation supports the supply of our pits including load calculations, recess and instructions for making good – should you require the elimination of the headache of the fitting process; we can supply manpower for this as well!

For more information and to receive your free quotation please call us on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk.

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