MOT Training

HotTopic-BMOT courses seem to be a hot topic of discussion at the moment. Since the cut off date for free courses provided by the DVSA was the end of May, an inevitable deluge of applications was created – now the free courses have all been filled and the training has moved to a chargeable training system we are now seeing some of the issues associated with such a rapid roll-out… In a way you could say its like COMP2 all over again.

That said however, one must respect the intention of the new scheme… An improvement in the professional standard across MOT garages is something to be applauded (provided those sub-standard providers are improved); but the failure is in the implementation…

Some courses are almost impossible to be placed upon for a number of reasons;

Firstly the practical requirement of the new course (8 hours hands on training) has had the effect of reducing class sizes from around the 20 mark down to 4 & 5 individuals.

This, coupled with the few number of providers has created a serious bottleneck in the system which surely could and should have been anticipated by the DVSA.

Some courses do not exist in sufficient numbers nationally for those prospective scheme administrators to be easily placed – management & mot tester training courses seem especially thin on the ground at the moment.

Another issue relates to the cost of these courses. Dependent on the course provider selected, course prices (for the same qualification) can vary between £895 + VAT and £1495 + VAT so some shopping around is certainly recommended at the moment.

Of course, more providers are expected to be starting courses in time and September seems to be the common thread to this although this is not especially surprising since this was always the original start date for the new training scheme.

Another theme to MOT training is that of “continued professional development” or CPD – so once you are approved into the MOT scheme CPD applies… This simple slide shows the requirement;

New MOT Annual Training
New MOT Annual Training

So its all change with training and despite the current issues pertaining to cost and course availability we can see that a long term improvement in the public’s perception of the MOT trade should be achieved.


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