IN FOCUS:Motorcycle Brake Testing

There are a number of different ways to analyse the braking system of a motorcycle or sidecar combination.

Quick diagnosis for the DIY enthusiast can be quickly achieved by purchasing the affordable BrakeCheck unit which fits onto the motorcycles handlebars and measures the deceleration of the bike during a braking phase from 15 kph.

This is the same unit which is supplied to MOT bays as a fall back unit for either “times of crisis” or if an older motorcycle is being checked where the tester believes that presentation to a brake tester may result in damage to the machine (or tester).

But as good as this hand-held unit is; it is no substitute for the detailed measurement that a roller brake tester can provide…

Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2The GETECH GE2 is a modern, digital electronic brake tester with modern LED display and an integrated weighing system that allows the motorcycle weight measurement to be taken and used to calculate the braking efficiency of the motorcycle. Older, and even some modern units as a cost down measure, often do not have integrated weighing and so a secondary set of scales is sometimes used to allow the calculation of braking efficiency to be achieved manually.

Further advantages of the GE2 system are that the unit is controlled using an infra-red rather than wired control and that the test sequence and results can be re-played at the end of the test and then printed on a scientific printer which is also supplied… This means that the tester can concentrate on the quality and repeatability of the test process rather than the actual measurements as they are being taken…

You can see a video showing this brake tester in operation here;


Further information on the GE2 motorcycle brake tester can be found on the GETECH website where a dedicated page related to this product is located…


Not only is the GE2 one of the most modern brake testers available but it is also comes with an extended parts warranty!  Provided that the equipment is maintained in line with our manufacturing check list, all parts contained within the brake tester are covered under warranty for 5 years!

For more information on GETECH call 0844 800 9785 during office hours, visit or mail


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