Goodbye NTTA, Hello IMI

dvsa_logoToday is the closing date for MOT training applications for Class 4,5 or 7 vehicles where the applicant does not hold a suitable educational qualification.

In reality the education or capabilities of testers has not been in question. Unless a level 3 NVQ/SVQ, City & Guilds level 2 or National craft certificate in an automotive related subject was held, then full training to become an MOT tester would not have been allowed.

Up until today however those prospective testers who were without a qualification had the option to go on the NTTA pre-assessment examination which was devised to test the applicants understanding of motor vehicle technology across a wide range of areas including, steering, suspension, brakes and emissions.

Those sitting the examination required a pass in all sections of the exam in order to gain an overall pass and it was for that reason that the NTTA swept out many prospective applicants with a fail rate in excess of 80%. Small wonder then that with such a high fail rate this became a target of the current round of cost down projects.

MARKS DOC TEMPLATEWith the withdrawl of the NTTA, there is now only one way become an MOT tester – gaining a suitable IMI qualification.

A quick search of the internet reveals that there are many providers and a wide range of packages (and costs) available. Unfortunately some of these costs appear very high which may make it even harder to become a tester if working with limited funds or if having just started an MOT project with other significant financial commitments.

Our advice on these IMI courses is to shop around! Skilled mechanics will more than likely just be able to sit the individual module examinations to gain the overall accreditation required however failing an individual component could be an expensive mistake when the resitting of that single module costs the lions share of the complete course costs when we looked at one provider! And whilst a “guaranteed pass” course is also available – at in excess of £2000 there is no escaping either significant costs or the time commitment to gain the qualification to become an MOT tester in the future.


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