Something for Nothing? 3 Questions to ask yourself…

3 Questions to ask

Having been on sales visits and then been presented with a quote from a competitor; which implies that for the same money you can have the same quality equipment and at the same time get something FREE –  I was wondering what was driving this new approach to winning business…

We find this approach to winning business odd. It implies that the original quote doesn’t quite stand up on its own and requires bolstering in some way to make it look more attractive or, put another way, it shows a lack of conviction in the product and services offered.

After all, we all know the old adage “you get nowt for nowt in this life” … because it is true!

senior momentUnfortunately we are all sometimes blessed with those ‘senior moments’ when logic seems to fly out of the window and we can be won over by distraction.

That is a slightly unfortunate situation for GETECH to be in as we have nothing to really offer for FREE simply because the sourcing of good quality, reliable manufacturing comes at a price – a price that then does not facilitate the equipment being given away for free as part of a deal!

At GETECH we take a slightly more pragmatic approach to winning business and supporting our customers. Therefore we include items related to the actual purchase you are looking to make and we always quote for;

  • A complete bay of equipment with its introduction managed by a dedicated employee which allows your bay project realised in the shortest lead time possible.
  • We include free local authority planning assistance,
  • CAD plans – both of the installation but also the preparatory civil & electrical work,
  • Delivery,
  • Installation,
  • Certification
  • A 12 month calibration contract and
  • A 12 month service contract.
  • A 5 year extended parts warranty

So when presented with a quote offering FREE unrelated equipment ask yourself these 3 questions before you put pen to paper…

  1. If the physical equipment I want to buy is so good why am I being offered an unrelated product to get the deal?
  2. Am I making the investment in the equipment for the correct reason i.e it’s the main quote item the actual item I want to buy or am I seeking the FREE equipment on offer?
  3. How is the supplier able to offer the additional equipment for nothing?
    • Is the MOT bay cost over-inflated?
    • Is the quality of the free equipment poor?
    • Are the post-sale servicing and calibration costs where the lost profit of the free equipment is dragged back?

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit or mail


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