Food for Thought…

SausageI went shopping the other day for some tea.

Let me tell you that having decided that I was going to have sausage and mash, I was in for a big shock when I got to the meat counter…

I found that the price of sausages varied enormously!

Naturally, I immediately picked up the cheapest packet I could see. Like anyone, I would always seek the best possible price when I purchase as a consumer.

Unfortunately on closer inspection I found that the pork content of these sausages was just 8%. Quickly putting these back on the shelf I picked up the mid-range product with 28% meat content and then checked out the premium sausages with 86% pork.

Naturally, the 86% pork sausages were those purchased and I can honestly say that they were some of the most delicious sausages I have eaten and the cost was less of an issue when my hunger was satisfied.

And how are sausages related to garage equipment? I hear you ask…

In this instance dear reader, sausages and garage equipment are one and the same thing. I am making the point that you get what you pay for – and the fact that when I was comparing “Sausages” I was actually comparing 3 very distinct and different products.

Of course “you are what you eat” so it made sense to opt for a better quality product – so why is it then that so often we fail to apply that same common sense to our capital equipment purchases?

priceTo illustrate this point in equipment terms I should explain that I had an enquiry for a large service lift which I quoted – unfortunately the customer had also done some research prior to speaking to us and found a price approx. 1/3 of our proposal. At this stage clearly the customer believes our proposal is expensive – he is purely looking at the bottom line.

Regrettably what had been missed was the fact that this price 1/3 of ours was for a lower quality product, purchased ex-works uninstalled and by the time a like-for-like calculation was achieved there was very little difference in the price, the quality of our proposal was better, and better after-sales care had already included.

What does this tell us?

Simply that a better price is nearly always available but this better price will nearly always comes at a cost.

We always make decisions that are based on more than one factor. A medium or long term approach is required for any capital equipment purchase in the same way that an understanding of “quality” is needed when evaluating sausages.

So I pose a simple question to close this post…

Do you intend to do it right and do it once? Or buy purely on price and then  repair/replace at a higher frequency? That decision is yours!


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