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The "Industry Standard" Bowmonk brake meter is used in ATF's and MOT stations across the Country
The “Industry Standard” Bowmonk brake meter is used in ATF’s and MOT stations across the Country

Our brake testing kits for commercial vehicles are very popular with fleet operators as they contain the necessary equipment necessary for regular brake testing to be conducted and evidenced.

Brake meters allow a quick analysis of a vehicles braking system and for the data to be analysed to make sure that no underlying problems exist with the system. Examples of issues that can be detected by a modern brake meter include brake imbalance, or trailer brakes which are not doing their fair share of the overall effort – so despite the quick test routine a detailed understanding of the situation can be achieved.

2 kits are available each with a slightly different brake meter – in each instance this is the correct one for the vehicle in question. Whilst Buses and Coach operators only require a 2 slot memory function for a complete test, an HGV operator requires a 3 slot memory to capture secondary braking values and while theoretically a standard 2 slot memory can be used with an HGV if 2 test reports are printed – since these reports are individual they could be interpreted as “non-conforming” as there is no evidence of a single, overall analysis – in other words a robust regime to prevent cross contamination of data doesn’t exist which defeats the original object of the test.

A modern brake meter decelerometer and printer
A modern brake meter decelerometer and printer

Both kits contain an infra-red printer and they are supplied in a hard carry case to enable entire fleets to be checked with no requirement to go back to an office location to download or print the data. We also supply spare print rolls for the meter so you have sufficient for many tests.

Another key advantage of the Bowmonk decelerometer is the bi-yearly calibration of the unit and the low cost of that calibration when it becomes due.

Used in ATF’s, MOT bays and within fleet organisations across the Country – the Bowmonk is the “Industry Standard” decelerometer.

Commercial brake testing kits can be purchase from GETECH either online or by calling 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours.

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