Say “Bye-Bye” to the Dedicated Alignment Lift

Many garages are now looking to wheel alignment as a means to draw vehicles to their garages. Like most things in life there is a sliding scale of quality and accuracy that directly links to price.

The type of alignment selected by the garage will reflect the target market. For basic wheel alignment a simple 2D laser system usually suffices but in reality this type of system is not capable of achieving a wheel alignment in it’s truest sense (where the chassis and wheel geometry are all checked and adjustments made accordingly). With such a simple system you will be able to identify vehicles where the alignment is not perfect and make small adjustments. This type of system is really for garages who are “playing” at wheel alignment – looking for an additional revenue stream for the minimum of investment.

For professional garages there is only one solution. An imaging system. This take measurements from the chassis and wheels in order to calculate any adjustments that need to be made.

Image3The most popular system, the Hunter Hawkeye relies on a fixed totem fitted in front of the lift which can see all the targets fitted to the wheels of the vehicle so that it can then measure specific detail. Therein lies a problem. The location of the totem can make it difficult to include such a system within, say, an MOT bay due to specified head-space dimensions which extend forward of the non-drive on end of the lift.

Bearing in mind the cost of these systems it could be argued that a dedicated lift might be a good idea to allow the maximum return on the investment but this will add several thousand pounds to an overall project and relies on the fact that you can work this dedicated lift to its ultimate capacity during opening hours – which may not be the reality (although it should be the target).

Integrating such a system therefore would have some space and cost benefits.

By eliminating the fixed totems and columns from our wheel alignment system and removing the “minimum distance” requirement for the position of the optical head unit we have a solution that not only can be easily accommodated within an MOT bay, but an infinity flexible one that can be used on ANY 4 Post or Scissor lift or even an INSPECTION PIT!

The system uses Wireless Bluetooth technology from the measurement heads to the console but this is not affected when the doors are opened on the vehicle or whatever height the technician chooses to set the vehicle at on the lift!

The final advantage is that this technology is available for several thousand pounds less than the “premium brand” models whilst gaining ALL of the technical benefits and some key advantages!

You can contact our sales department for more information on this extremely clever and versatile piece of wheel alignment equipment on 0844 800 9785.

For more information on GETECH call 0844 800 9785 during office hours, visit or mail

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