Motorcycle MoT Bays – 5 Essential Pre-Project Checks

motorcycle brake testerMotorcycle MOT Bays are a valuable asset to motorcycle repair garages as they produce guaranteed footfall. The initial investment is (fairly) low and the repayment is rapid.

But how do you set about achieving an approved bay arrangement in your premises? Of course you can go online to the .gov site and download the application forms – but with the application process becoming more streamlined since the introduction of “COMP2” as it is known; and a vehicle inspector only visiting site on a single occasion [simply to approve your handy-work], the number of potential pitfalls are now enormous.

This quick guide outlines the 5 key checks that can be easily be achieved by a business owner that will prove or disprove the theory that a motorcycle mot bay can be integrated into a motorcycle workshop.

The starting point is the premises. Will it meet the dimensional requirements? Essentially we are looking for the following;

  1. Is the door wide enough?
  2. Is there a minimum of 4.6m x 3.2m available with 2m headroom?
  3. Is there some space left over to position a pair of chairs outside of this 4.6m x 3.2 space envelope?

Provided that the answer to all the above questions is “YES” an MoT bay will fit and can be approved from a dimensional perspective.

The next item to check is yourself!

  1. Have you been declared bankrupt?
  2. Do you have any criminal convictions for “acts of violence or intimidation”

headlight testerObviously the answers to the above questions would ideally be “NO” but there are some circumstances when these issues can be overcome – after a period of time a bankruptcy or criminal conviction becomes spent and so need not be declared to the vehicle inspectorate.

If thus far you are ticking all the boxes to meet the requirements probably the next stage is to get a professional appraisal of the situation on the ground.Crispy's Motorcycle Brake Test 2

GETECH Garage Equipment assist throughout the entire project process – eliminating all the headaches for you. We offer a free on site consultation to assess the actual suitability of the premises for an MOT bay and with so many regulations to take account of, it probably makes sense to get this free advice once the above points have been checked.

To arrange a FREE on-site consultation, call our MOT specialists on 0844 800 9785.


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