Accuracy, Reliability, Simplicity with Portability

Premier Diagnostics DS2
The DS2 Smoke Head is well suited to ATF’s or roadside agencies due to its rugged design and user friendly operation.

Fleet operators, service workshops and roadside testing agencies will benefit from the DS2 Smoke Meter accuracy, reliability, unique portability and ease of use. 

The DS2 is designed and engineered to cater for all types of diesel engined vehicles and plant and is lightweight yet rugged. The Smokehead itself weighs only 5Kg and has a portable display unit for use in car or cab. This means that the physical test can be conducted by a single man with the cable-less Oil Temp Probe communicating directly with the display unit.

This machine is able to rapidly automatically calculate peak and average readings for quick and accurate test results, but the biggest step forward with this unit is the removal of filters from the system, thus totally eliminating the lost time caused by breakage and loss – this is a problem still remains with competitor units.

The entire unit is British Built to the highest standards and this ensures excellent field reliability as well as a design which is well suited to the rigours of, for example, a high volume MOT bay as the entire unit is stored within a sturdy base station for protection.

For more information on the DS2 smoke meter or any of our other commercial garage equipment – please visit our website or call 0844 800 9785 during office hours.

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