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A majority of garage owners looking to integrate an mot bay into their existing workshops look at Class 4 testing. It is the obvious starting point when a majority of the work available is for this type of vehicle, but limiting your opportunities purely to PLG and car based vans may be rather shortsighted, although the geographic location of the garage can have an impact on this decision.

Surprisingly, the additional cost of Class 7 mot equipment is not significantly more than for Class 4 therefore for a relatively small on-cost it might also be financially viable to consider the additional vehicle classes and markets that can be tested with a Class 7 bay. Other than the obvious Class 7 options, Class 5L testing or Class 4 motorhomes which cannot be accommodated on a normal Class 4 MoT bay may be captured.

As I mentioned in the pre-amble,  the decision can also be geographically driven as if you’ve a multitude of Class 7 premises placed fairly locally then the opportunities may be limited whereas if you are “out in the sticks” or on a business park/estate where Class 7’s frequent than the advantages really may outweigh the small additional costs.

Whilst the cost implications are, fairly, minor – dimensionally things become a whole lot more difficult and it is normally either the available headroom or doorway which becomes the problem. The additional headroom requirement for a lift based bay of 4.8m is the most common problem to encounter.

Our advice here is straightforward when making a quick assessment – use information freely available in the public domain to understand the feasibility of the project. GETECH publish a series of ‘Standard Installation Drawings” on our website but for the purposes of this specific blog article the class 7 hyperlinks to the drawings for both lift and pit based installations are shown at the end of this article.

NOTE: Did you notice that an inspection pit might also be an option?

If the required headroom is not available in the proposed MoT bay location it is possible to gain approval using an inspection pit – overall using a pit may be considered as a win-win situation as although the groundwork cost is more significant the overall capital equipment cost reduces – further benefits once installed include the fact that 6 monthly inspections to LOLER are not required.

As part of our MOT projects we fully support customers throughout the entire project process from placement of order through to ongoing servicing and calibrations and part of this work also includes the preparation of drawings to support the paperwork applications.

To that end we constantly circulate the country so the opportunity to get one of our project managers on-site to look at the proposal exists – this work is undertaken for free unless specific short term timing is required.

To find out more on this service or for clarification on any of the points raised in this article you can respond below or by calling our MOT project experts on 0844 800 9785 during normal working hours.

References: Standard Installation Drawings

For more information on GETECH call 0844 800 9785 during office hours, visit or mail


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