Re-blogged: Types of MoT Test Bay

The Executive Summary:

Standard MOT Bay = 2 Men to operate [tester & assistant] not upgradeable to One Man testing.

Upgradeable Bay = 2 Men to operate [tester & assistant] but upgradeable to One Man Testing is possible.

One Person Testing = 1 Man to Test

ATL Testing = 1 Man to Test, Brake Tester with an Integrated Weighing System that follows an automatic testing procedure measuring and analysing the vehicles braking system in the cars “as presented” condition.


Combined MoT Bay Combined MoT Bay

Previously, we have blogged about the different types of MoT bay that are available but some recent legislation changes have not only opened up new possibilities for applicants but also some potential pitfalls as manufacturers and local garage equipment suppliers catch up with the latest rules governing implementation…

So let’s start at the beginning with the standard test lane – essentially there are no changes within the new regulations changing any equipment or dimensions.

A standard or two man test bay is the traditional method of operation for MoT garages. A trained MoT tester has an assistant who operates the vehicle to the tester’s instructions (turning the steering wheel, pressuring the braking system, operating the lights etc.) and this allows the trained tester to physically examine parts of the vehicle externally. A standard MoT test bay usually is the buy in product and offers the cheapest solution…

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