All change! DVSA VT01 Applications, Approvals & New IT System

Over the past few weeks plenty has been said within the MOT testing community with respect to the new web based reporting system. Frankly speaking, a majority of comments have been less than complimentary however we (GETECH) can already see plenty of improvement within the process.

Specifically referring to the VTS device system rollout – This was always going to be basic system when it first went live to ensure that the national rollout would be as smooth as possible – I anticipate that as those teething problems will soon be totally eradicated and the system will settle down allowing it to be fully fleshed out – The new system will be far better than the previous.

I said we can see improvement in the process, which we believe will filter across, in terms of the application for authorisation. Sure, the application evidence requirement hasn’t in any way reduced but the process feels far smoother than previous – especially if one has confidence in knowing the published regulation requirements. Without the need for pre-approval visits the timeline to achieve the bay potentially reduces which is perfect for a professional supplier of this equipment.

The back end of the process promises to be smoother as well. With no VTS computer to order, there is no reason why an installation cannot now be fully approved within the same single site visit from a DVSA inspector post installation!

So whilst it’s all change – it seems that these changes will be for the better! That is certainly progress which can be celebrated!



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