Happy New Year (for forward thinking Garage Workshops)

happy-new-year-resolutions-2016It might be the middle of the calendar year but attention should already be turning to 2016 – at least if an MoT bay project has been planned. This is because of the increased likelihood of a local authority planning application becoming a requirement.

We have found that in the last few years more and more potential MOT bay applicants have been steered toward some kind of planning application by their local authority when an approach has been made to get the necessary approvals to make a successful DVSA application.

Don't let time slip away!
Don’t let time slip away!

Inevitably this has a knock on effect from a timing perspective for these garages as the local authority planning stage of the project would generally take between 6-8 weeks (from validation) for a decision to be made and this process must be run before the DVSA application is made.

With a normal project, that might already have the necessary supporting evidence in place, taking 6-8 weeks from order through to full approval you might be looking at anything up to 16 weeks for a project to come fully to fruition.

This means that in order to ensure the bay is operating for the start of 2016, sourcing decisions – or at least detailed enquiries, need to be made now!

Whilst for Class 4 (Cars and light Vans) and Class 7 (Commercial vehicles) the introduction date might be less critical, the seasonal nature of Class 1 & 2 motorcycle tests makes it important to start the process as soon as possible.

If its a requirement, its includedThe packages of equipment that GETECH supply contain all the equipment that is required for an authorisation to be granted, but also numerous support services to enable the project to flow through the various required milestones efficiently. These support services include a full VT01 application submission and detailed guidance and management of local authority planning requirements – after all for a majority of applicants an MOT station is a one off investment that does not really require garage owners to learn both the DVSA and local planning framework regulations intimately.

The cost for this support? Zero! All our equipment package customers get the use of our MoT experts to enable them to continue to operate either the existing business interests or existing responsibilities without the need to be involved in the detail of the project at a micro scale.

Of course some involvement is critical – after all we only understand the regulations and equipment and not necessarily the exact business mix that the garage is attempting to achieve – therefore involvement at the early stages of the project ensures that the design of the MOT bay (which is usually bespoke even given the standard regulations) integrates with the rest of the business appropriately.

Initial site visits to investigate the feasibility of integrating an MOT bay into a new build or existing workshop are also supported so if an MoT bay has been on a shopping list for a while but has never progressed beyond the initial planning stages then GETECH can assist you greatly!

Nationwide service - Regional responseNot only do we supply the support services at the application stage and manufacture the equipment which will be installed, we also then properly support our equipment post-sale to ensure that it remains in perfect working order well beyond the 5 year extended parts warranty that is offered with GETECH equipment as standard.

For more information on the various items of individual testing equipment we manufacture, or for details on the numerous equipment packages available our website can be visited and browsed from HERE. Alternatively we can be contacted on 0844 800 9785 during normal office hours for free telephone advice and to book a site visit.


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