OPT for One Person Testing

OPT for One Person Testing

Its the only sensible thing to do given the current requirements for the authorisation published by the DVSA.

Historically, OPTing for OPTL was not an option for new garages and was the preserve of the existing test station to get One Person Testing without the need for wholesale changes within the installation.

Since the regulations changed, a significant saving can be made by garages by going One Person Testing rather than for either a standard or fully automated bay and all that is “lost” in doing so is the automatic Pass or Fail output from the Brake Tester – which is not usually high on the shopping list for new applicants.

Given that in the recent budget the chancellor George Osbourne decided to re-announce a consultation on the feasibility to going to a UK wide 4-1-1 style of testing with the first MOT to be conducted in Year 4 rather than year 3, as per the current arrangements, it makes even more sense to opt for OPT rather than ATL moving forward.

Clearly, even if these ridiculous proposals gather momentum and are eventually enshrined on the statute book then vehicles will still need an MoT and the only “loss” in the system is from vehicles which are SORN’ed or new vehicles sold in Year 1 of the implementation of this scheme. Overall not a great deal to concern oneself with in the overall scheme of things.

But with a totally flexible design to our MoT equipment, we can accommadate either installations which OPT for and remain One Person sites or those who wish to further upgrade to the more repeatable method of testing [ATL] in the future.

For more information on our various solutions for Class 4 or 7 one person testing a wealth of information is available on our website. Click HERE for Class 4 packages or HERE for Class 7 packages information.

Traditionalists can also contact us on 0844 800 9785 for personal guidance from our MoT experts during normal office hours.


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