Complete, Fully Maintained MOT Equipment over a Fixed Term Offers an Opportunity to Avoid Unexpected Surprises.

motorcycle_mot_equipmentMotorcycle MOT equipment is a real speciality for GETECH Garage Equipment and our latest proposal enables you to opt for a complete package of equipment which is then fully covered for all required DVSA calibrations and additional service and repair requirements for the entire purchase period. That’s right;

A fixed amount per month to fully maintain your equipment with no nasty surprises to come at any point.

Many customers opting for new mot equipment look to purchase it by means of a tax efficient lease. Generally speaking we propose such deals under a lease hire rather than lease purchase arrangement as this means that the total cost of the package can be rolled up into a fixed monthly amount with no requirement to pay the VAT in advance as a deposit.

With this latest opportunity, motorcycle garages can install a brand new and complete motorcycle bays with 5 years cover for both calibrations and maintenance i.e. (no additional costs) for approx. £235 + VAT per month and this figure can be achieved for a majority of customers although there a number of options that will allow brand new starts and weaker credit cases to be accommadated with an approval that can usually be achieved quickly.

Based on a motorcycle MOT being priced at £25 (below the maximum permitted) it only will take 9 MOT’s per month before you are into profit! That’s right – approximately 2 tests per week!

If you are thinking about including a motorcycle bay within your garage premises you could do a lot worse than speak to GETECH – the equipment contained within the package really is some of the most advanced available in this sector with a double laser headlamp beam tester, and a roller brake tester with integrated weighing system capable of testing modern motorcycles quickly and efficiently.

We even include additional equipment in our test bay package for motorcycles – only GETECH supply a printer coupled to the brake tester as standard to allow you to enter EXACT figures into the reporting device. Despite this, and other items of additional equipment, GETECH remain very competitively priced, and with a 5 year extended parts warranty – any small additional costs at the outset are counterbalanced by a warranty period up to 5 times longer than most manufacturer offerings!

To read more about our Class I/II package we have a dedicated page to assist you – but we can also assist over the telephone – just call 0844 800 9785 to speak to our MOT specialists during normal working hours.

You can also view our motorcycle mot equipment video demonstrations on our YouTube channel.

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