IN FOCUS: Complete Motorcycle MoT Bay Package

Bay 1A GETECH Class I & II MOT equipment package incorporates a GE5418 double laser headlight beam setter, GE2 roller brake tester and an ancillary pack containing all the required signage, MoT notice board & tools, wheel alignment bars and hand held decelerometer with mounting bracket.


The GE5418 headlight tester has been developed to give testing stations the best accuracy possible when measuring beam patterns and this is achieved with a double laser system to align the setter to the presented motorcycle and to also identify the true position of the headlamp bulb itself. The unit is offered as standard within our MoT packages for its superior capability by comparison to other manufacturers mirror/visor models.

Display for a modern electronic motorcycle brake tester

The GE2 roller brake tester has been specifically designed to test all motorcycle and sidecar combinations and is also capable of accurate measurement of standard and split braking systems and those motorcycles fitted with ABS and TCB systems. The roller chassis itself is bi-directional and includes as standard an integrated weighing system with large diameter resin bonded gritted rollers to minimise the effects of tyre flexing during the measurement test. Controlled by an infra-red remote control system data can be automatically assigned to each braking system (front/rear/sidecar) so that the data can be re-played to the tester on the large LED display for later analysis. This enables the tester to concentrate on conducting the test rather than noting down the test data as it is acquired.

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck is a fully self-contained, portable, battery-powered brake meter to test and report on vehicle brake efficiency. Designed to be self-compensating, the instrument will indicate on the LED screen when it is positioned level enough to perform a brake test. A generous tolerance ensures “level enough” is easily achieved. All operations are performed using only three buttons on the unit. Test results can be printed out if an optional infra-red printer is purchased.

The complete ancillary pack contains all the other minor equipment required for your test station to be approved including a full set of MoT tools, an MoT notice board, full set of signage and a set of aluminium extruded wheel alignment bars.

Equipment Installation & Support

Complete Project Management from Inception to Approval
Complete Project Management from Inception to Approval

Experienced GETECH project managers will also fully support the introduction of your MoT bay. This service, which is included free with all our MoT equipment packages, includes all the support required to get your MoT bay operational in the shortest time possible.

We will complete the application paperwork on your behalf and assist you with gathering the necessary application evidence and produce all the supporting drawings that are required by VOSA before submitting the completed application on your behalf. Once accepted, your paperwork application approval is backed up by a site visit from your local VOSA inspector to ensure that any other minor site specific detail is declared such that an official “Approval in principle” can be granted.

Nationwide service - Regional responseOnce this approval has been reached, GETECH engineers will install the MoT bay to the stated requirements producing all the necessary paperwork required for VOSA to fully authorise your bay which is then officially handed over to VOSA on the final approval visit by your assigned GETECH project manager.

Beyond the first years included calibration contract, ongoing service contracts are also available for periodical calibration to meet statutory requirements and for maintenance in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. GETECH also supply an extensive range of motorcycle workshop equipment – visit our webpage and view our motorcycle mot bay package page. You can also contact GETECH on 0844 800 9785 for more information or use the contact form below:



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