The most cost effective VOSA approved portable brake tester available!

The portable brake meter for motorcycle, car, light commercial, HGV and Bus & Coach testing

BrakeCheck is designed to test service, hand and secondary brakes on any vehicles braking system. It also shows which side of the vehicle has brake problems by indicating left/right imbalance.

With no connection to the vehicle, carrying out a brake test couldn’t be easier. Simply drive the vehicle to a maximum 20mph and apply the brakes. Test results can then be viewed on the display or printed using an optional portable printer.

  • BrakeCheck is ideal for your ‘Six Weekly Inspection’ brake efficiency checks.
  • VOSA and MOT approved
  • One man operation
  • Double Axis Accelerometer
  • Measures Peak Deceleration Front/Rear
  • Measures Average Deceleration Front/Rear
  • Measures Peak Acceleration Left/Right
  • Vehicle pulls Left/Right indication and value
  • Calculates Stopping Distance (metres)
  • Calculates Test Speed (km/h)
  • Size: 170 x 80 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 0.4kg

Purchase online: HERE

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