Standard Installation Drawings for Class 7 MoT Bays

The first GETECH ATL installation. 2 side by side ATL’s with a single download point.

Class 7 MoT bays require a great deal more consideration than required for a Class 4 MOT bay. Although essentially the same process is followed for positioning the MOT bay within the premises one must be mindful of any cross over requirements between class 4 and 7 regulations. Failing to consider both classes of vehicle when implementing an installation arrangement is likely to lead to problems especially for bays proposed for an inspection pit.

In the first instance we have produced a set of drawings which show the most common arrangements for Class 7 bays which we have not only published on our homepage but also below…

These drawings give you an indication of the likely potential of including such a bay within your garage however we always advise a site consultation which we provide free of charge as there are often specific site limitations which may prevent bay authorisation.

Class 7 MoT Bay Installations for Bays with a Lift – Package Page

Class 7 MoT Bay Installations for Bays on Inspection Pits – Package Page

Having looked at the drawings you may wish to move onto the next stage – a free on-site consultation with one of our MoT bay project managers who can guide you appropriately towards the correct bay configuration and quote you for the implementation of the bay including all the associated DVSA/VOSA paperwork.

Call 0844 800 9785 to arrange your FREE consultation.


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