Standard Installation Drawings for Class 4 MoT Bays

We published our latest drawings of the most common arrangements of MoT bay installations for Class 4 mot testing facilities to our web page but are also publishing the information on our blog!

Some notes to bear in mind when using these drawings…

1) They should only be used as guidance – Manufacturer and regulation changes might have occurred between when you are reading this post and the date of issue of this blog article

2) These are not actually MINIMUM dimensions but are designed to keep your civil dimensioning simple – for building specific drawings please contact us direct.

Class 4 Lift Bay Arrangements – CAD Drawing

Class 4 Scissor Bay Arrangements – CAD Drawing

Class 4 Pit Bay Arrangements – CAD Drawings

GETECH are capable of supplying detailed installation drawings both to support the integration of an MoT bay into an existing business premises or by working with your nominated architect in the case of “new builds” or “major developments” – just see the brief video below…

For further reading and a complete summary of how an MoT bay can be integrated into your business, photographs of common layouts and videos of vosa approved equipment in operation then you can click HERE or contact us using the contact form on the our website.



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