IN FOCUS: Our Product Quality

Our product quality is as important to us as to you. In fact it is our utmost priority to ensure we always manufacture the highest quality garage equipment possible.

Our internal 100% quality assurance check procedures guarantee the highest standards of quality for all GETECH products. In addition, we only source products within the European union so that we can guarantee that purchasing any GETECH product will be the most cost effective solution for all workshops over normal product life-spans. Because we use these higher grade components, all GETECH products are built to last, but this does not result in higher prices than our competitors due to our design ethos.

All our products are designed to exceed other manufacturers solutions whilst maintaining flexibility that allows our customers to benefit. This means that our products are either design rationalised (e.g. Play Detector which only requires a single plate against other manufacturers dual plate solutions) or have been designed in a modular format (e.g. Brake Testers and Lifts) allowing staged upgrades in line with business expansion or legislative changes within the MOT scheme.

We also believe that continuity and expert advice are synonymous with quality and as a company we pride ourselves on the long-term availability of our models and providing expert advice should questions or problems arise with our products which all benefit from a 5 year extended warranty.



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