IN FOCUS: Motorbitz – A Class 4/5 & 7 One Person Testing Bay

When we received a phone call from Roger Broughton at Motorbitz in Besthorpe near Norwich a month or so ago, we were surprised at the situation that was outlined on the telephone. A local representative who had done all the hard work in terms of selling the proposal to the customer, gained some of the finance approvals but, for some reason, seemed to have little appetite to close the deal of and get the bay installed.

Speaking to Roger face to face it was apparent that the project was well overdue to Motorbitz’ original plan as they had hoped that they would have already been approved by the vehicle inspectorate some 12 months after the project started. Unfortunately, during the course of the conversation it became apparent that even the first stage of the process – the VT01 form application to VOSA – had not been actioned.

Following a dimensional assessment of the premises, an agreement was reached with Motorbitz on the proposed layout and equipment specification before GETECH completed the VT01 application form with Roger and issued a list of documentation that he would need to produce to support the proposal to VOSA.

In parallel to this evidence gathering phase GETECH spoke directly to Breckland Council; who have the responsibility for approving planning applications for the catchment area within which the business falls. Fortunately, in this instance the necessary planning permission was in place for the premises to allow MoT testing to start without the need for a new planning application which could have cost a further 8 weeks to the project plan. With the rest of the required evidence at hand formal approach could to be made to the local VOSA area office almost immediately following our site visit.

With the application submitted and an approval in principle meeting having been held, the next problem presented itself – MoT tester training course availability. At the time of the application of Motorbitz, courses were being booked up to 12 weeks in the future which was well in excess of the time required to achieve the installation and approval of the physical bay. In order to prevent a brand new MoT bay sitting unused for several weeks we spent many hours on the phone with MOT training services and eventually, after some weeks of failed attempts, we fell upon a cancellation 4 weeks prior to the original planned date. Hence GETECH booked the course for Motorbitz before we concentrated on delivering the bay to meet the likely milestones.

With the bay installed and approved by VOSA, Roger finally had his first slice of good fortune – a VTS device delivered and installed within 48 hours – and hence today 20/06/14 we anticipate the formal approval of this test station to enable Motorbitz to expand their current business portfolio with a one man mot testing bay.

This was certainly not the straightforward project we had initially anticipated but with our experience of the scheme, local authority and VOSA regulations we were able to provide Roger and Motorbitz with a complete solution that left him confident of not only having dealt with the right supplier but also confidence that he will receive excellent support moving forward with his purchase.



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