A bulletproof regime of Duty of Care checking…

The portable brake meter for motorcycle, car, light commercial, HGV and Bus & Coach testing

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck is an electronic decelerometer used for measuring the retarding forces on a vehicle. The unit can be used to test a number of types of vehicle from motorcycle (which requires an approved mounting bracket), car and light commercial vehicles (which it can test as standard), an HGV version also exists that has the facility to test vehicles with a secondary braking system within a single test routine. Within the MoT scheme (where the unit is essentially the “industry standard” unit) a standard electronic version of the product is normally suitable however for “Duty of Care” checks for fleet operators require a slightly different arrangement within which the facility to record the data formally is better.

Capturing the vehicles braking efforts and efficiencies is always simple. The Bowmonk tells you when it is sufficiently level for the test to be conducted and it automatically captures the data in the deceleration phase until the vehicle is halted. The data can be reviewed on the LED display or, more commonly be transferred or recorded against the vehicle in question where a Duty of Care regime is in force. View the video below on YouTube

bowmonk brakecheck with printer

Two systems exist for the recording of the data – the first is to purchase an infra-red printer which prints out a hard copy of the results. Cost of this system is a couple of hundred pounds in ballpark terms – the alternative is to purchase a download lead and the CabCheck software to store the information on a PC or laptop which, on the face of it, is less expensive. However this reduced cost does increase the risk of data contamination.


Personally, we (GETECH) don’t see the advantage in a download arrangement – after the test is conducted, the tester must either walk back to the office to transfer the data across, alternatively he may forced to carry his laptop as part of the test apparatus. Potentially the tester could benefit from using a Bowmonk PLUS model (which has the capability to store 99 individual tests) but another issue arises here as the tester would need to be clear which vehicle registration number relates to what memory entry within the unit – essentially the potential to cross contaminate the results looms large!

vosa manFor the above reasons GETECH recommend that for duty of care checks on fleet vehicles that either a Bowmonk Bus & Coach or HGV Kit is used. Each kit contains the correct version of the electronic Bowmonk but it is supplied with a printer in a hard carry case. With this solution you can always guarantee the result. Capture, print as hard copy and attach to the vehicle record before moving onto the next vehicle. No unnecessary walking between vehicles and the site office and practically zero chance of data contamination – if evidence is required later that a check was completed simply pull the original formal hard copy record from the vehicle history to evidence the checks were completed correctly.

All variants of Electronic Bowmonk can be purchased online within our own website with the exception of the download CabCheck variant for the above reasons – ultimately we take the RFQ requirement from you very seriously and provide only solutions that offer the most robust methods of control to protect you in the field.

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