Replacement brake tester for OEM

getech-garage-equipment-logoDealing with the right suppliers is obviously critically important to all businesses.

Yesterday, a local garage equipment company was called into an OEM site to repair an existing Class 4 roller brake tester that had been troublesome for a period of time. Upon investigation it became apparent that the unit required a new circuit board and some other minor repairs which equates to a repair bill of £1000 or so in parts – unfortunately for the OEM user; the manufacturer of this brake tester had no circuit boards in the UK and a 30 day lead time for these parts to be available!

Looking at a low estimate of 8 MoT’s per day across a 22 day working period for this site (approx. 110 MoT’s in total) essentially the OEM could install a brand new product and amortise it against these lost tests or continue for 48 hours before having the station switched off by VOSA.

Hence with the site requiring an urgent solution, GETECH were contacted and we despatched a brand new GETECH GE4 roller brake tester to the site which was installed the next day by the original repair agent.

A fairly straightforward moral to this tail. Ensure continuity of supply of parts – unless you are dealing directly with the manufacturer (which in itself is unusual given most companies use a distributor network) – you are potentially leaving yourself wide-open for such an eventuality. Ultimately in this case a happy ending. The OEM is happy, he has installed a brand new GETECH brake tester and can continue to test with the added benefit that his brake tester is now warrantied for 5 years.

GETECH always stock not only complete roller brake testers for motorcycle, car and light commercial testing but also numerous spare parts to keep you running in those rare crisis events that’s why more and more garages are looking to GETECH to support their garages.

Browse our complete range of roller brake testers online by clicking here



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