Guaranteed VOSA approval – or your money back

GETECH_LogoGETECH garage equipment have always provided some of the best value mot equipment packages in the market; our warranty outstrips major manufacturers by a significant margin and our yearly calibration costs are significantly less than our manufacturer competitors so “standing by our products” is something not unfamiliar with the GETECH ethos.

So our latest “offer” should offer even more confidence to potential new MoT applicants as we roll out our latest sales promotion: “Guaranteed VOSA approval – or your money back”.

That’s right “or your money back

Ultimately it is likely that you only ever going to make a single application to the vehicle inspectorate for an MoT bay so rather than opt to learn all the applicable regulations for a one-off applicationĀ most customers opt to use our project management service which is included free with all our equipment packages.

Within this service we produce all the necessary drawings in order to support your bay application but we also advise you appropriately as to the likely success of your application. If we advise that an MoT bay can be positioned within your building and ultimately are proven to be in error by VOSA we will not only refund your initial deposit but also match it with an additional matching payment as recompense.

Now that really is “putting your money where your mouth is” wouldn’t you agree?

For more information on our MoT equipment packages and to find out why GETECH are “THE MoT Professionals”, you can contact us directly through our website HERE or by calling us direct on 0844 800 9785.


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