An Update on our New Website

Well a few weeks have passed since we last communicated to our blog followers… We apologise but as we say to our potential and existing customers when the phone rings when we are with them “work comes first”

After a significant amount of development, the latest incarnation of our new website is just about ready to be rolled out into the public domain for the first time. We have tried to offer you a far more logical browsing structure to that which we previously provided whilst at the same time seeking to maintain the detail and quality of information that makes our site a useful source of information for new applicants and existing test stations alike. This is the first externally created site we have developed in partnership with a software developer rather than a traditional web development agency. For that reason we anticipate a great reception from browsers to our site regarding the look, feel and operation of the site.

One significant amount of development has been in the eShop element of the site. In fact it is this area where some small teething problems are causing a delay in the general release of the site. Previously it was a fairly basic affair, but the new shop is a far more powerful browsing tool enabling customers to purchase urgent items of equipment 24/7 whilst also allowing (as an example) our existing customer database to order and pay for service and calibration contracts online at their convenience. We hope that this side of the site will allow us to maintain our already low yearly service and calibration prices for the foreseeable future.

Several new products and even new industry areas are contained within the new website development and the site will open up new areas of business for GETECH as we continue to expand at a controlled rate across the entire country.

Naturally, when the site finally goes live you can expect to hear about it on our BLOG first so WATCH THIS SPACE!!


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